Lifestyle Works

Issue 14 - December 2008
With the festive season right before us, we need to be careful not to compromise our health standards. In this issue of healthbites we look at alcohol, its detrimental effects and helpful advice. The article also raises the fact that what we choose to put in our bodies may not make an instant difference but the long term effects of our day to day choices can be quite detrimental. Also you will see the case for total abstinence and facts from the World Health Organization. You will also find some interesting littlebites and a recipe for a simple healthful treat, which is ideal to replace sugary sweets. Read more

Issue 13 - October 2008
In this issue of healthbites we review the second Vegetarian Society Expo and the increasing interest in a vegetarian diet. We also look at an interesting article we recently came across with research on dairy milk and some alternatives. At the vege Expo, many people missed out on a copy of the recipe of tofu balls and peanut sauce which we shared, so we have featured it in this edition of healthbites. Read more

Issue 12 - August 2008
In this issue of healthbites we take an interesting look at stress. The article is so interesting we have allowed it to take up nearly the whole front page. Also you will find some interesting information about table spreads and of course some littlebites for you to chew over. Read more

Issue 11 - June 2008
Spring, summer, autumn or winter, we all have the need to eat. It is something we do daily, but what we eat and how often we eat has a lot to do with our health, our size, how we feel about ourselves, even our attitude and personality. But the following article reveals it even affects our behaviour when we are around food. Sorry ladies, this one lands heavily on your plate. Then you can take a break and enjoy learning about asparagus. Read more

Issue 10 - April 2008
We have recently received a newsletter from well respected, Dr Neil Nedley. His information is well researched and up-to-date. We share some of his research and insights in this edition of healthbites. Read more

Issue 9 - February 2008
In this issue we take a look at the very interesting topic of sleep. Rest is one of the 8 natural doctors, but apart from reminding ourselves that we must get to bed earlier, we don’t take much more thought on the topic until something goes wrong! Read more