Lifestyle Works

Issue 2 - December 2006
We have just completed another great cooking class series. One attendee says, “It’s hard to start with, but it’s getting easier and we are already experiencing positive results, It’s been great!”

What we stress at these seminars is that good health is not only diet but a complete lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle gives a healthy body, a healthy family, a healthy community, and of course a healthy population.

Just recently we came across the following fascinating article from the British Medical Journal which emphasizes this same point. Following that is another article from Dr Neil Nedley verifying the same principles. Read more

Issue 1 - October 2006
Welcome to the first issue of healthbites. This paper will give you a taste of various topics affecting our health. There is continual study in the area of health and nutrition and this paper endeavors to share enough of it to give you something to chew on! Many articles in this paper are condensed from larger articles from renowned sources, contact us for the complete article and we will supply if available. Read more