Lifestyle Works

Issue 44 - December 2013
With the up-and-coming holiday season, it is a time – well should be a time, to unwind and enjoy the company of friends and family. The whole holiday season is based on the Christmas story of which “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” ~John 3:16
In this edition of healthbites, we look at how showing a bit of compassion and love, especially to our spouse, can have a positive effect on our health. You might be surprised at the answer.
We also look at the benefits of grains despite some bad press they have received and in littlebites we have a look at a varied selection of topics from Bolivia’s lack of McDonalds to tips for storing lettuce! Read more 

Issue 43 - October 2013
In this edition of healthbites, we look at the evidence of the harm of our technical age with the use of wireless devices. We also look at natural ways to boost your immune system with foods as simple as common vegetables.
In littlebites we have a look at how veges can extend your life, how breakfast can increase fertility, ways to avoid bi-polar disorder and finding alkalizing vegetables that help you avoid disease. And don’t forget to try this edition’s recipe! Read more

Issue 42 - August 2013
In this edition of healthbites, we look at the benefits of small scale gardening. We also look at eight reasons why you should eat avocado every day.
In littlebites we have a look at how walnuts and kiwifruit reduce heart disease risk, how rosemary is linked to enhanced brain performance and why ginger is excellent for type 2 diabetes. Read more

Issue 41 - June 2013
Ahh, a nice soak on a winters evening in a hot bath — a healthy hot bath. Our front page article explains the benefits of Epsom salt to tone up the body and the skin.
We also introduce a new product —Squatty Potty— to aid in our elimination. Read more

Issue 40 - April 2013
What better promotion for a total vegetarian lifestyle than a testimony from a person who has experienced it! More relevant being a Kiwi. Yes, we may well say we know of someone who is 96 and smoked and drank all their lives and they are fit and healthy. That cannot be debated, there are people who have a strong constitution from birth. But there are others who have drawn a shorter straw in life and while they may live to a grand old age, a few changes in life may give a better quality of daily living. May you draw inspiration from this friend of ours in the Palmerston North region.
We also look at the importance of potassium and share more littlebites. Read more

Issue 39 - February 2013
As you will discover in most editions of healthbites, we are strong advocates of the vegetarian diet and lifestyle. Some amazing research has just emerged of a study done in the UK that has to stop any researcher in their tracks and consider that the vegetarian diet may have merit – much merit. The information in this issue will reinforce many vegetarians in their diet choices and show others the key benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.
We also look at some green fresh foods that have some powerful healing properties, and of course a recipe and a selection of littlebites that will interest you. Read more