Lifestyle Works

Issue 8 - December 2007
This year has about expired; another one yet slipped through our fingers. It seemed Christmas and New Year were years away when I was at primary school, but now the end of year comes before we have taken our focus off the last one. Even the younger members of our families are noticing time slip past. It is certainly our hope that this healthbites finds you of good heart and good health. I know the essentials have to keep going in this busy world of ours, but for those who can, may you enjoy coming aside from the everyday pressures over these next couple of weeks. Relieve some of the stress and spend time out amongst nature, in trees or by water somewhere. Breathe in the fresh air and soak up some sun for the good of your health. Eat good nourishing food and drink plenty of good water over the festive season and this will save many a headache and grumbling stomach - and a grumpy disposition. We wish you all the very best for the coming season and a prosperous New Year. Read more

Issue 7 - October 2007
n this edition of healthbites we look at recent discoveries of the cancer fighting properties of nature’s colouring agents and also we take a basic but interesting glimpse at the benefits of Omega-3 on the brain and the natural plant sources that contain it. Read more

Issue 6 - August 2007
In this edition of healthbites we look at the health risks that much of our population run with their standard diet when the main cause of those risks can be eliminated and leave us better off. We also look at the value of the humble olive and its benefits for our health. Read more

Issue 5 - June 2007
Winter is the time to watch for ills and chills, and especially make sure our extremities are kept warm. When our bodies start to feel cold, the blood is prioritized to the main trunk where our vital organs are and less blood will travel to the arms and legs. So it is important to keep the body, as well as the extremities warm. Of course it is best to do this with natural fibers and well fitting clothing, not with body fat! That is one topic that we are looking at in this edition of healthbites. Its interesting that with the fashion of midriffs seems to correlate to increased fat storage around the waste. The body seems to be trying to replace the lack of clothing with its own store of fat to protect the lower body organs such as the kidneys.
Another interesting point we look at in this edition is rhubarb. Its one of those foods we love—either love to eat or love to hate! Not only does it have a distinctive taste but it also has medicinal properties. Read more

Issue 4 - April 2007
With the colder part of the year approaching us we should be looking towards fortifying our bodies against the increased likelihood of colds and flus, etc. The recipe of the month in this issue gives a good hearty warm start to your day and you’ll also find some information on the benefits of oats. Not only are they good for warming your tummy up in the morning, but there are some beneficial health tips. While we take for granted our natural foods and suppliments to boost our immune systems for the winter chills, we bring to your attention a bill that could grossly affect our freedom of choices to combat even the common cold. While we see strong resistance in parliament at present, we should be aware that it is presently on the table for discussion and contemplation. Prevention is always better than cure, and in the light of this article, we should do our very best to keep our health right up to the brim of vibrancy at all times. Read more

Issue 3 - February 2007
Our summer is well through now, having brought with it unusual weather. Often at this time of the year, Canterbury can be dry and brown with extreme fire dangers, but this year it has been green right through the season. We are grateful for the moisture, for parts of our closest neighbour, Australia is suffering ongoing, repeated and severe droughts. While we see increasing changes in the weather patterns, we also see an increase of disease and problems in the general health of the western world. Although some have good diets, exercise patterns and in general, good lifestyles, still we see people being struck with various ailments in the form of cancers, viruses, etc.
Of course, we can only do our best to keep our human machinery well maintained within our capacity, to help prevent disease striking us down. One of those ingredients that is of great benefit to us is a sufficient intake of fibre. This months article from the University of Leads focuses on the benefits of fibre in dealing with breast cancer. Read more