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Issue 20 - December 2009
In this issue of healthbites, we look at how our living and diet habits affect the natural resources around us and the responsibility we have for them. The Bible, in the last two chapters of the book of Revelation, give us a glimpse of a world made new, but we still have the responsibility of preserving the resources we have while we live on this old earth, even this summer.
We also look at how the vegetarian diet is not only beneficial to our health, it is also better for the welfare of the planet and its resources. You will also find a recipe as well as some very fascinating littlebites in the side column of this edition. Read more

Issue 19 - October 2009
In this issue of healthbites we take a look at which foods are more compatible with each other and which foods are best eaten separately. While we may not be aware of it, the varieties of food taken at one meal can have an effect on our digestion because foods digest at different rates. This can create, gas, discomfort and bad blood. Often we concentrate on having good quality food but we tend to overlook the quantity that we eat. Also you will find a small article on this topic, as well as the interesting littlebites and a recipe. Read more

Issue 18 - August 2009
In this issue of healthbites we look at some of the physical things that bring on depression and some of the ongoing effects. Also there is an interesting article on carrots that we are sure will have some new information for you! And then we give you a carrot cake recipe to try out and add to your collection as well. Of course we also have the interesting selection of littlebites down the side column. Read more

Issue 17 - June 2009
In this issue of healthbites we look at the graying concern of stress and its results on hair colour. Also there is an article on molasses along with a recipe to improve your facial skin! Of course there is a selection of interesting littlebites down the side column too! Read more

Issue 16 - April 2009
In this issue of healthbites we look at the growing concern of adult diseases becoming more common in children. Also we have a quick look at the benefits of water and a power flu bomb recipe that will help you get through the winter chills! Read more

Issue 15 - February 2009
In this issue of healthbites we touch on raising a child on a vegan diet. The article below is a portion of a longer article with tips on keeping a balance in starting your baby on a plant-based diet. We also include a brief discussion on eggs and a few replacement options. This month’s recipe offers many nutrients commonly associated with eggs but without the detrimental effects. And of course you will also find a selection of interesting littlebites down the side column. Read more