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Now to meet someone that is very balanced. Dr Temperance keeps all the other doctors in line!

Temperance simply means that you need to be sensible and careful in every area of life. It’s about avoiding things that are harmful and not going overboard on the good things.

The other doctors here have showed us some really good things but you will notice that with each of them we can get too much of a good thing!

It is important that you eat a well balanced diet. This means not eating too little or too much of even good food, and eating at the right times of the day. Don’t eat too fast and don’t graze all day. Chew the food well; let the saliva work on the contents. Remember your stomach does not have teeth — digestion starts in the mouth. It is unwise to mix vegetables with fruits at any one meal.

Temperance in drinking is also important. Teas, coffee, canned drinks and alcohol should be out of the diet. Most contain caffeine and although it may give energy for a short time, after the boost, the body becomes tired and the mind can become depressed. 

You need a balance of exercise too. If you overstress your body it will wear out, if you don’t exercise it will seize up!

Rest is also included in temperance. In fact sleep and exercise are almost opposites. If you are doing one it is very hard to do the other, so we need a balance of them both.

Even your clothing should be balanced. It should fit your body well. It should not be tight around any part of the body to restrict blood flow or digestion functions. However, all parts of your body, including your arms, legs and head, should be well covered in colder climates, to keep the whole body warm, close fitting for safety, but not too tight. It is important to be covered neatly as well as modestly. What you wear on the outside, often gives a pretty good indication of what you are like on the inside.

Even your types of amusements need to be balanced, some people can get so involved in their hobby regardless of what it is, that is starts to do them harm. 

Everyone’s body and work is slightly different and so the balance and how we should treat our bodies will be slightly different too. The body knows and will give signals of satisfaction before getting over-balanced and abused. Some illnesses will not necessarily surface immediately, but they can accumulate internally and break out when it is hard or impossible to repair. The human machinery can only last so long and starts breaking down after continual abuse.

Keep a good balance in every aspect of your life.