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This doctor has some bright ideas that will shed some light on your health!

The sun is a giant ball of power and energy. It gives us light and heat and these two are very important for us. Because if we didn’t have them, we would not be very healthy—in fact we would not exist! The sun makes all vegetable and animal life live and grow. Some get it from the sun directly and some indirectly.

It is the sun that makes plants into food for us. Plants take carbon-dioxide and oxygen from the air, and when the sun shines on them it starts a process called photosynthesis, which generates chlorophyll, the stuff that makes leaves look green. This is a wonderful process that man, with all his big laboratories and expensive equipment has never been able to do, or even fully understand.

The rays of the sun also kill off many germs and more importantly, energy from the sun’s rays also acts on our skin, giving vitamin D, one of the vitamins needed in our body. At least 20 minutes a day in the sunshine is ideal.

Sunlight, either from shining on us directly, or from eating foods grown in the sun, assists in keeping the blood clean and pure. It also strengthens the body’s immune system. Sick people are greatly helped by relaxing in moderate amounts of sunshine.

Of course there is danger of over exposure to the harshness of the sun’s rays, especially during the middle of the day in summer. These harmful rays can cause skin cancer so take precautions and regulate the exposure to the sun with moderation and common sense.

The sun can also aid in relieving arthritic joints and certain symptoms of PMS. It can increase calcium absorption and lower blood pressure, and can also promote healing of some skin irritations and bring a sense of well being.

Get out into the sunshine for a healthier, brighter day.