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This doctor will keep you on your toes; he’s like a PE teacher!

Your body is designed to move, and if it doesn’t it will start to seize up!

If someone has just broken a leg it needs to be put into plaster for 6 – 8 weeks, so that the bones can knit back together and heal properly. When the plaster is removed the leg that was broken is smaller, paler, weaker and stiffer than the other leg that has had frequent use. The joints of the leg that was broken will not move as easily as the good leg and it might be more painful to move for a while. Only exercise will bring it back to good use again! This is a good example of what happens to our whole body when we don’t get proper exercise.

Some people work at sedentary occupations. Even though they are brain-tired at the end of the day from standing or sitting for hours in heavy concentration, they need to exercise the rest of their body.

To fit exercise into your daily lifestyle you can walk or cycle as a mode of transport or park your car a kilometer away from work. Also try using the stairs instead of the lift. You might also find it easier to keep it up if you find a partner to exercise with. Start with a small amount at a time and slowly build up.

One of the main benefits of exercise is that it improves the blood circulation and helps cleanse the blood. When oxygen is lacking in the body, the blood moves sluggishly and the waste—poisonous matter that should be eliminated—is held in the body and the blood becomes impure. Good health depends on good circulation.

Exercise is excellent recreation not only for the body but also for the mind. It brings relief to the weary brain, helping us to think more clearly and feel more cheerful. The whole body becomes more resistant to disease. 

Exercise can also prevent and treat heart disease and obesity. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and give a stronger heart beat and lower resting heart rate. It has also been seen to increase self worth, decrease anxiety, relieve depression, and aid in stress control.

It is not wise to exercise too vigorously, especially after eating a large meal. The blood is then needed in the stomach to break down the food and is not as available for the other strenuous exercise. Exercise, like all other daily activities must be done with care, thoughtfulness and common sense. 

Take some steps towards a more active lifestyle starting from today.