• All Together Now 1, 2, 3

In the Christian world there are a lot of threes. The Godhead consists of 3s, for example. There are also three counterfeits in the Christian system that are important to note.

In this lecture with Pastor Walter Veith we will investigate the papal visit in Washington. Various pictures of reliefs and artwork will show how Babylon seems to be mixed with the Christianity and the ten commandments.

Hidden behind the disguise of art and history, there is something sinister happening. It starts slowly, and before anyone knows what is happening, ecumenism has already come to fruition. This lecture will reveal how Rome has a bigger role to play than previously thought.

Throughout history, we have raised certain people as heroes - Martin Luther Jr and Abraham Lincoln, for example - but how do these key figures play important roles in the move towards unification? See how these authoritative figures have - perhaps unknowingly with Rome’s ultimate control - advocated wealth redistribution, ethnic unification, and ultimately, the new one world order.

Pay close attention to how things unfold, as the world is slowly moving all together now, one, two, three.

Running Time: 67 Minutes

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All Together Now 1, 2, 3

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