• Alone, Yet Not Alone

We all feel lonely sometimes, but does being lonely mean we’re alone?

God is always with us, watching us, giving us strength, and He always cares. However, why does it feel so challenging when we encounter trials and tribulation? If Christ loves us so much, why do we feel like we’re struggling through this world alone?

Pastor Andreas Mellas evaluates how faith factors into this. If we truly believe in Him, and we study and review His Holy Bible, then we would understand that we’ve already been warned about our troubles. However, despite our harsh lives, Jesus has never, and will never desert us. We need to exercise our faith and know that He has a divine plan and knows what is best for us, even if we disagree.

In our loneliness, going to Christ is our solution. He knows and understands our trials, as he’s lived as a man and experienced the same pain and suffering that we currently face. Andreas Mellas reminds us that despite feeling lonely, Christ is our heavenly saviour, is always with us, and gives us strength to make our way through our lives. Going to God when we’re lonely allows Him to work his fatherly love in us and causes us to trust and grow more in Him.

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Alone, Yet Not Alone

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