Ministry Building

We began this project for new facilities for the ministry of autumn Leaves to operate from. It is our biggest experience in faith building and also has proved an incredible asset to enhance the work we do.

The Project

Autumn Leaves has grown as we have continually sought to serve people around us. Doug and Angela Hurley originally put their all into it, and the ministry operated from their home for over 20 years. Over the years it grewbeyond the current resources it had available so a search was started for a new building to house the ministry. The stability that had developed over the years became a secure footing for this big step forward.

Previously we used a large double garage for the retail shop space, a separate building for offices and video and print production, and a shipping container and a small converted wool shed for storage.

There was a need to combine these areas into one cohesive area for our staff (full and part time) to be able to work together better and add more space for a studio area for developing further into media which has become a vital way to reach out with all aspects of our message. We also wanted to have more potential to reach the christian and secular community than we other wise could.

The goals were to make the ministry more effective by:

-  Creating more workspace for the growing ministry
-  Add studio and video production space for media work
-  Have one building so the team can work more cohesively
-  Setting our light on lampstand rather than under a bushel by being in a more prominent location
-  Eliminate current problems like flooding, ventilation etc
-  Relieve Doug and Angela by moving the ministry from their personal home

About the Property

The property is 1000sqm on an arterial route between Christchurch and Rangiora. It closer to the business facilities we need to use, but is still near our previous location so phone and postal details can remain the same. It has fast internet and courier to the door, two key things that we lacked in our rural location. There was an older four-bedroom home on the property.

The property is on a strategic route with over 26,000 cars passing the site each day. This is great public exposure and an opportunity in itself as we plan to make good use of signage.  

The property is near business zoned land but is actually zoned residential. Running the ministry from here required Resource Consent and although this took many months to obtain it was granted in April 2018.

We had considered using the existing house and extending it but we decided to aim to build the entire building shell and fit it out as we are able to. This is ultimately more economical and provide a purpose-built building, including a larger shop, offices, work areas and a media studio. Car parking and landscaping is also required.

We are excited about this opportunity, and especially the fact that we were able to purchase the property debt free, in 2018 thanks to those who had donated in response to us sharing about the project. Progress continued until the building was completed in October 2020 with each stage paid for as it was completed. Some fund were borrowed from external and internal sources.


Funding progress.jpg

We've broken the funding needs down into sections of progress

Pre Purchase - $27,500 - All Paid, Thank you!
This includes testing, resource consent, and consultants fees.

Property Purchase - $358,700 - All Paid, Thank you!
This includes the property purchase price and associated legal expenses.

Building consents - $60,300 - All Paid, Thank you!
This includes building design, geotech testing, Architect, Structural and Fire Engineers, Council Fees etc.

Site Preparation - $96,950 - All Paid, Thank you!
This includes House Demolition, Asbestos testing and removal, Earthworks for foundation dig out and preparation, new vehicle crossing, Boundary fence etc.
This work is now complete!

Foundation Complete - $93,920 - All Paid, Thank you!
This includes the complete cement slab ready to construct the building on. This worked out about $13,000 under estimate!

Ready for Roof - Estimated $227,050 - All Paid, Thank you!
This includes all the timber and steel framing and trusses and erecting the whole structure ready for the roof and cladding.

Lockup Shell - $182,600 - All Paid, Thank you!
This includes the roof, cladding, windows and doors so the building is completely enclosed.

Interior Linings Installed - $249,160 - All Paid, Thank you!
This includes all of the insulation, pre-wiring for electrical and data systems, the plumbing and ventilation ducting, and everything else that needs to be inside the walls. It also includes putting the linings on the interior walls.

Building Complete - $170,440 - All Paid, Thank you!
This includes the plastering and painting, the kitchen and bathroom fittings, installing the heating and ventilation outlets and lights, power outlets etc. Also the floor linings and other fixtures.

Landscape and Carpark - $84,130 - Fundraising
This includes everything outside of the building itself and was done as the inside of the building was completed. It includes carpark and earthworks, plants for landscaping, signage. We did much of the carpark earthworks during site preparation so we have a firm dry base to work on during building.

Fitting Out - Estimated $33,400 - Fundraising
After most of the internal space was kitted out we were able to move in, but the studio and upstairs offices can continue to be furnished as needs and funds permit. We reused much of our current furniture and bulk shelving. So this includes shop shelving, additional bulk shelving, additional furniture, kitchen appliances, studio and control room fittings.


Raised so far
Thanks to many generous donors we have essentially completed this project. We have been blessed with donations in all sort of forms including financial donations and also gold bullion, discounts of services, items useful for the project (building materials etc) and items to be sold to raise funds.

We now just have some internal loaned funds to replace. Our goal is to replace those funds as soon as possible.

Still needed
There is still a need to cover the short fall. If you have been blessed or seen others blessed by this ministry, please consider how you can help to make this work prosper and reach more people as we scatter hope like the leaves of autumn.

Funding progress.jpg

How You Can Help

Autumn Leaves is a registered charity with a company constitution to protect givers and has its financial records processed by an independent accountant and audited yearly. We envy the trust that has been put into us over the 30 years we have been serving in ministry work and are blessed with the partnerships that have developed over the years.

Tax Deductions
All donations are tax deductible for NZ income tax so that you can receive about 1/3 back at the end of the tax year. It means your $3,000 gift will only really cost you $2,000. We are happy to work with you to make this most effective.

Project Information:

Funding progress.jpg

28 Southbrook Road
Rangiora 7400
New Zealand

Key details:

Offer to Purchase property - August 2017
Due diligence and resource consent process - Late 2017
Resource consent to operate the ministry approved - early 2018
Property purchased - June 2018
Architect and Engineers developed building plans - late 2018
Application for building consent lodged - December 2018
Demolition of old house and site preparation - February to April 2019
Building consent granted - May 2019
Foundation preparation begun - Late May 2019
Foundation complete - Early July 2019
Framing delivered and being erected - August 2019
Roof trusses delivered and fitted - early September 2019
Timber detailing, fixings, bracing, inspections - September to October 2019
Roof fitted & Doors and windows installed - Late October 2019
Wall cladding fitted - Early November 2019
Outside complete and painted - December 2019
Interior systems wired and plumbed - January/February 2020
Interior linings fitted - Early March 2020
COVID19 lockdown - March/April 2020
Interior plastering and painting - May 2020
Painting completed and fittings installed - June 2020
Fitting off, detailing & floor covering - July 2020
Finishing and preparation for move in - August 2020
Moving in, furnishing and landscaping - September 2020
Complete with Code Compliance issued, Signage installed - October 2020
Opening and dedication Event - Late October 2020
All external loaned funds repaid - November 2021
Funds left to raise now below $100k - December 2023
Just over 5% left to complete the funding — June 2024