Bible Projects

We have ongoing projects to distribute the book of books. Read about them below...

Project Information:

Since the Bible is so valuable in passing the messages of truth we have ongoing projects to share these as much as possible especially in areas that have great needs. We work with individual projects and trusted contacts in each of these locations. Sometimes we work with local Bible Societies and other times we send Bibles directly from us.

There has been amazing support for this ongoing project to supply Bibles in various foreign countries as well as projects here in New Zealand, both supplying Bibles or enabling people to get them to share. As well as the needs there are also people who havea passion for sharing God's word and are willing to contribute to support each mission field.

We aim to connect these needs and people like ou who may be willign to help with a regular fund for Bible projects. Any excess funds for one project will follow over to the next.

How you can help

These projects come and are often completed fast. On this page you will see examples of completed projects. You can help by contributing to our running fund for Bible projects. You can do this by using payment details here:  (Use the reference "Bible Fund") or give with credit card through our webshop here

If you have an interest to contribute to one of the projects we have previously helped, there is possibly that there are still needs and suitable contacts to work with.

Contact us to discuss the most current Bible projects.

Kenya - August 2022
We had George Opiyo, originally from Kenya, but living in Auckland, here for our Friday Night Live and ‘Sabbath to Remember ‘on July 29 and 30. While he was here we launched a project for Bibles for an evangelistic effort later in the year in Kisumu, Kenya. George estimated they would need 100-200 Bibles for that effort. By the time we came to the ministry Monday, August 1, all 200 Bibles were paid for.

Uganda/Congo - July 2022
We had a project for Uganda to help in the mission fields along the Congo border. When asked how many Bibles were needed for their field, the reply was that they could use 500 Bibles. A group of very dedicated and generous donors wanted to know how much they were, the quote was given them, now Uganda has a gift to purchase all 500 Bibles, of which will be distributed evenly to seven mission stations along the Congo border.

Ghana - July 2022
A call came from Ghana for Bibles in three different languages. We were able to supply 20 Asante Twi, 15 Akuapem Twi, 15 Ewe. They now have all of them in their hands, all paid for.

Uganda - January 2022 - The ministry working in Uganda had use of more Bibles This work supported by an Australian who has relentlessly served there in providing for and building schools, clinics and churches, plus ongoing outreach efforts. $750 NZD worth of Bibles were supplied for a specific project.

Ghana - December 2021
1 case of Akuapem Twii Old Version Bibles for distribution by a long-time Bible worker in Ghana.

Uganda - November 2021
About 300 Bibles were supplied through a trusted network for mission stations along the Congo Border

Fiji - October 2021
This is a work we have supported over the years. 100 English Bibles were supplied for prison ministry work at a cost of about $750NZD

Fiji - October 2021
A Fijian worker is reaching the villages of Fiji and wanted Fijian Bibles. Each Bible is $17.00NZD, bringing a box of 25 to a total of $408.00NZD We supplied 2 boxes for this project.

Uganda - September 2021
Anoter need was expressed and $1000 given to supply Bibles to multiple mission stations in Uganda.

Kenya  - July 2021
We used some of our dedicated Bible fund to supply 90 Bibles for a vibrant mission in Kenya. These Bibles have been going into the hands of newly baptised people and other projects of this ministry work.

Uganda - July 2021
About $750NZD was given to a request from Bibles to our trusted network in Uganda

Tonga - May 2021
We had a call for Bibles for Tonga. Within about a week 2 cases of Bibles were in the hands of our missionary friends - all paid for by a generous donor. These 30 Tongan Bibles were used by workers who are doing a great work with Bible study contacts there.

Kenya - February 2021
At our camp meetings the need for Bibles for missionaries to give to their Bible study contacts was shared - $1000 was raised and presented for this project.

ADRA - February2021
A local ADRA store was needing Bibles as they had people coming in requesting a Bible to read. We supplied almost $300 worth of Bibles for this purpose.

Uganda - September 2021
After we shared about the Bemba Bible Project, a long-time friend who has served many years in Uganda contacted us and expressed the need for Bibles for mission stations in Uganda.Since he had the good connections and a strong network of connections we partnered with him on many projects. This initial one was for $440NZD and was quickly funded by an individual who had a passion to help.

Zambia - July 2020
We received a request from Zambia for Bibles in the local Bemba language. We shared this need and donations were given to supply about 25 of these Bibles to a worker there.

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