The Leaflet

Autumn Leaves produces a free newsletter called The Leaflet every 6-8 weeks.

This publication is for spiritual encouragement and gives up-to-date information of our work and products.

It includes a spiritual Editorial, character building stories and activities in the Family Feature, articles from the Pen of Inspiration, Signs of the Times and other points of Interest.

Each issue of The Leaflet also includes a copy of the latest healthbites issue.

This is available via email or regular mail and you can read the articles online by selecting the links to the left.


healthbites is a free health-focused newsletter produced every 6-8 weeks in electronic and physical form.

Quick, simple and easy to share. A great way to keep in touch with health topics and share with friends.

The current issue of healthbites, along with all back-issues are available online for viewing or download.

Please note: If you subscribe for The Leaflet via post you will receive healthbites included as part of it, there is no need to subscribe again separately.

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