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Why Do Vegan Women Have
Five Times Fewer Twins?

Women who avoid all forms of animal products in their diet appear to be one fifth as likely to have twins than non-vegans.

Foods of animal origin in general naturally contain hormones, and cow’s milk may be of particular concern. Dairy milk promotes the growth of grazing animals which need to put on a hundred or so kilograms in the first few months of life to escape predators. But the consequences of lifetime human exposure to the growth factors in milk have not been well studied.

Modern industrial methods maintain dairy cows in active milk production throughout their pregnancies, resulting in a milk supply with high levels of reproductive hormones. Pregnant cows excrete significantly higher levels of sex steroids into their milk than non-pregnant cows. The subsequent consumption of such dairy products may mean an unnecessary risk, that could be easily avoided. But it’s not just dairy. Although dairy products are a significant source of hormones, other products of animal origin must be considered as well.

All edible tissues of animal origin contain estrogen. This may explain why, in the study of over a thousand women eating plant-based diets, vegan women have a twinning rate that is one fifth that of vegetarians and omnivores.

Why is that a good thing? Because twin pregnancies are risky pregnancies. Complications are more likely to occur. Many parents and physicians underestimate the negative consequences of multiple pregnancy, but women with a multiple pregnancy face greater risks for themselves and their infants. Twin babies may be 10 times more likely to die at birth.

The hormonal levels in food could be particularly dangerous in the case of young children or pregnant women.  The dairy industry’s recommendations that children should drink three glasses of milk a day has been questioned. Children are highly sensitive to sex steroids. Because their levels of sex steroids are very low, even a small variation would account for a major change in the total activity of the involved hormone.

~Drawn from Michael Greger, M.D.,, Vol 22, 26 Dec 2014

Gargle & Exercise to Prevent Colds

The #1 primary disease diagnosis at doctors’ office visits is a respiratory disease, like the common cold. Most Americans, report between 2 and 3 colds annually.

Evidence suggests that simple water gargling, is effective to prevent upper respiratory tract infections. This virtually cost-free modality would appreciably benefit people.

Same with exercise. It can also improve immunity and decreases illness rates from respiratory infections. We're talking a 25 to 50% reduction in sick days.

And it doesn't take much. Let kids run around for just 6 minutes and you can boost the number of immune cells in their blood stream by more than a third. In just six minutes!

At the other end of the life cycle, exercise may help prevent age-related immune decline. Sedentary women in their 70s have about a 50% chance of getting an upper respiratory illness every autumn, but walk a half-hour a day, you may cut your risk down to 20%. And the runners in the group got it under 10.

Looks like exercise can make our immune system like 5 times more effective. Who wouldn't want a boosted immune system?

~Drawn from Michael Greger, M.D.,, Vol 14, 15 July 2013

Benefits of Charcoal

Carbon, or specifically, Activated Charcoal has been used to benefit humanity for thousands of years. It was even used by Hippocrates and Pliny in their day and is used in emergency rooms today. Carbon is 100% alkaline and its negative ionic charge attracts positive ionic charges (of toxins and poisons) causing them to bind and then escorts them out of the body via the eliminative channel of the intestines.

1. Charcoal absorbs odor. This can be useful in a room or the refrigerator.

2. It will clean your teeth and help to remove stains on the teeth.

3. Make a face mask to help pull toxins and impurities from your skin. Use charcoal warm water and honey to make a paste.

4. Helps to heal all colon diseases and greatly benefits the intestines. It will counteract flatulence (gas) and help to eradicate foul odors in the colon or intestinal tract.

5. Excellent for the accidental ingestion of poison, drugs (legal and illegal), and household chemicals. Add a teaspoon to a glass of water, stir and drink.

6. If you cover your soil with it, it can help reduce weeds and keep  moisture in the soil.

~Drawn from Jeery Park,, 21 April 2015

Recipe of the Month

Zesty Savoury Seasoning
1 1/3 c yeast flakes
1 T onion powder
2 t garlic powder
1 T paprika
½ t ground celery seeds
½ t tumeric
1 t dried parsley
3 T salt

Blend all ingredients together until fine. Store in airtight container. This seasoning is nice on potato or kumara wedges. It gives a cheesy flavour on savoury and vegetables.