June 2024

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Donation Receipts: If you have not yet received your annual donation summary receipts from us, be in touch.
Some misunderstand that claiming on donations means you are being given a portion of your donation back. In fact it is the tax returned on the money earned to be able to give. In essence the government encourages giving to registered charities by not taxing the money that you give so your money can go further!
Ad Counsels on Stewardship.jpgMonthly free offers and weekly specials: To get more good news scattered like the leaves of autumn, we use donated funds to give or discount items so cost is less of a barrier for receivers. Each month we have a free offer running, these are aimed at the wider public and we use paid promotion on social media to draw interest. These are successful in getting Christian and health messages into people’s hands. The weekly discounted items are often books with limited stock or are not widely known. To keep up-to-date on offers, like our Facebook page or subscribe for emails. We can testify that if we give, it will be given unto us. Thank you to those who give so that others can receive!
Videos 14400.jpgVideos: View our latest content on our YouTube Channel includes a 7-part series by George Opiyo and a new 4-part series on the 144,000 by Doug Hurley. Doug had presented these messages while travelling and they were appreciated so we filmed them in our studio for Social Media and TV release. You can keep up to date with our weekly video releases on our YouTube channel (autumnleavesnz) and via Facebook. In the last month we had 33,000 minutes of videos watched across the channel. The more you watch, share and comment th
Island Language Projects: A long-term project was initiated to produce material in the languages in the Pacific Islands, predominantly in Tonga and Fiji. Significant funds were raised over the years. Books were re-typeset and new, updated translations. Tens of thousands of books have been printed and distributed, and also websites and supporting material were produced. Recently we used the last of the funds given specifically for this project. We pray that the books may do their work for many years. We continue to stock the books and support the websites. We also have a general Island Projects fund and our commitment to supporting this field is ongoing.
Building Project: We have just breached the $1,500,000 figure leaving just over 5% to complete the funding of this valuable asset for the ministry. We daily see the blessings this facility has been for being able to function from and to connect and reach the community and the world.
Just recently we had a young lady come in who is facing a cancer diagnosis. She spent much time browsing and just sitting and reading before buying a few items and just chatting with the team here. She went away encouraged and left us uplifted also.
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South and North Travels: At the beginning of May Doug and Angela travelled to the deep south, visiting various homes and fellowshipping with people as far south as Invercargill. Later in the month they travelled to the North Island, as far north as Whangarei to visit and hold meetings. It is refreshing to visit and meet with people and to encourage those who are facing life’s battles in the towns and homes throughout the country.
Friday Night Live Banner Web-02.jpgFriday Night Live: Our next live-from-studio event will be postponed one week to not clash on a public holiday making it July 5 at 7pm. The popular Friday Night Live is a time of singing and devotion where you have the requests and we join with our local singers to enjoy an evening of fellowship and joy together. Put it in your calendar now!
Australian Camps: Plans are in place for two camps in Australia this year. The first at the usual place in Neville, NSW 10-13 October and the following weekend in Queensland 17-20 October. Be in touch or watch the newsletters for further details.
Summer Camps 2025: Plans are under way for our annual North Island camp from Tuesday January 14 through to Sunday January 19.
There are also plans for reintroducing a South Island Bible Convention for Friday Evening and Sabbath, January 24,25.
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April 2024

Daddy Stories.jpgIn the Office

New systems: We are currently in the process of actively switching our accounting system to replace one we have used since the beginning of the ministry. Although it has had many updates over the years, technology has moved on and new systems make us able to integrate and improve our workflow. We are also just starting to incorporate dedicated inventory and order management software.
Orders and gifted books: The amount of orders via our website increased dramatically earlier in the year and peaked mid year and have settled at a little below double from this time last year, but the quantity and value of items per order has also increased. While this is positive from a business perspective, it also is also more encouraging from a ministry viewpoint as it means people are obtaining more and better resources to learn from and share with others. The health and outreach type products are where the most notable increase has been.
Noah.jpgWe have focused our gifted projects this year to make them more effective. With more targeted advertising and a more diverse selection of books and media, we have put our free gift offers into the hands of people who are more specifically requesting material and on topics that interest them. Continue to pray for these projects as they create interesting interactions and most importantly get the gospel message into homes and hearts.
Clearance.jpgStocktake: On March 24 we conducted our annual full stocktake. We have over 90,000 items currently on hand. These include everything from large value grain mills and study Bibles, down to individual Bible study guides and pamphlets. Will you help us to get them into the hands of people who can benefit from these leaves of truth? During the stock take we noted some items that we have had for quite a while. Some of these are because we had a large quantity or because they are not well known and we haven’t advertised them. We have created a listing of clearance items to let you know about them.
Donation Receipts: With the end of the financial year just past we are issuing donation summary receipts. These can be used to claim back income tax paid on the donated funds in New Zealand. If you would like a receipt and have not received one, be in touch.
Hubchat.jpgVideos: New videos continue to be released for broadcast and on our  YouTube channel. Among the recent content is a 7-part series, ‘Connected’ presented by Pr. Sam Braga at our 2023 camp and a 4-part practical health series by HubChat recorded at 2023 and 2024 camps. Subscribe to our channel (autumnleavesnz) to watch and share.
Building Project: Further progress has been made since our last update. Thank you!
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EventsFifth Season.jpg
Over the Easter long weekend we had our first family-focused small-scale camp. This event was attended by about 45 people ranging in ages.
Each morning began with a combined worship time with music, prayer, a Bible story and lessons drawn from it. Breakfast followed and the mornings consisted of deeper study and lessons focused on separate ages. The afternoons included practical training and combined outdoor learning opportunities. The Hanmer Springs forest setting is beautiful, especially at this time of year. After the meals together we had an evening devotion and quiz-type Bible challenges for everyone to participate together in.
Those attending enjoyed the mix of spiritual and physical stimulation along with the family atmosphere where older folk and young children intermingled, learning and fellowshipping together.
Speakers included Elvis Placer from Australia and Doug Hurley as well as individuals presenting worships.
Friday Night Live.jpgFriday Night Live: Our next live-from-studio event is Friday evening on June 28. The popular Friday Night Live is a time of singing and devotion where you have the requests and we join with our local singers to enjoy an evening of fellowship and joy together.
Put it in your calendar now!
Summer Camps 2025: Plans are under way for our annual North Island camp from Tuesday January 14 through to Sunday January 19.
There are also plans for reintroducing a South Island Bible Convention for Friday Evening and Sabbath, January 24, 25.
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February 2024

Understanding the Godhead—Book.jpgIn the Office

After a brief holiday period we are well under way into 2024 and the beginning of the Office Photo.jpgyear is a busy time for us with our North Island camp included.

Cartons of Books.jpgNew Stock: Over the holiday period we had 8 pallets of goods come in from various suppliers. These included bulk Bibles, health books and outreach books as well as a wide variety of other stock items which replenish stock and include many new items. Along with camps, processing this these shipments has kept the office busy for the start of the year. Some new items are advertised with this newsletter and many more will follow. We continue to see an increased interest and sales of health-related items.

Free offers: We have a monthly free offer advertised primarily on social media. This has proved an efficient way to reach more people with less cost. Many items are placed in the hand of people who are specifically requesting them and so there is less waste than bulk distribution and or printed flyers and newspaper/magazine advertising. We still use these avenues to reach people also and all have their benefits. We have noticed a trend of interest in offers that include items assisting Bible study and personal devotion. You can help this project by liking and sharing the posts if you see them online (this draws more attention to them) or contributing to a fund we have set aside to cover the cost of books and postage.

Videos: Each Friday we also release a video to our YouTube channel. These may be a broadcast edited version of a camp meeting sermon or an entirely new production. Subscribe to our channel (autumnleavesnz) to watch and share these videos.

Print jobs: Our print equipment is also kept busy both with items we print for ourselves and also jobs for other people. We love to assist others in achieving their varied forms of ministry and have been printing flyers, booklets, calendars and other resources. Be in touch if you have a project we may be able to help you with.
Building Project: A little but steady progress has been made since our last update purely from small regular contributions. Thank you!
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EventsSI Camp Info.jpg
Summer Camp: Our North Island Summer camp was a blessing with all accommodation booked out and many people challenged for the year ahead.

This year we were also able to livestream the messages. In the past this has not been possible due to unstable internet connections, but thanks to Starlink we were able to get a reliable and strong signal. This benefits many more people who cannot attend in person. This report we received on the last day perhaps sums it up nicely:

[We] would personally like to thank you and everyone involved in the current camp. We were unable to attend as God has blessed us with an incredibly busy season... We have however joined you online where possible - we have laughed, cried, been inspired and revived - thank you so much! As you wrap up camp this morning, may you know your work has been uplifting and greatly appreciated.

The streams of the messages are still available on our YouTube channel and recordings are also available on flashdrive or DVD.

South Island Camp: In the past few years we have had a South Island ‘camp’ as a virtual live event but this year we have decided to trial an in-person family camp at Easter weekend. This gives the opportunity for fellowship and re-connection that more people can attend. This will be a little different to our usual camps with more of a practical, family focus.
Friday Night Live.jpgFriday Night Live: We have plans for our popular Friday Night Live events with devotion and singing on the last Friday evening of February, May, August and November. Join us in person in the studio or online as we reconnect throughout the year.


December 2023

By force or by faith sidebar.jpgIn the Office

We come to the close of yet another year—a year closer to the coming of our Lord. It is our prayer from us here at Autumn Leaves that this past year has been beneficial for each one of you. We thank those who have supported  this ministry in many ways  over this past year. Now as we close this year off, we look forward to a new and untried year ahead. May God bless you all bountifully in your endeavours and we look forward to being in touch with you as the opportunity arises.
End of Year Hours: Following are our office hours during this summer time.
Up to December 22: Usual hours of Mon-Thurs 9:00-5:30, Fri 9:00-3:00
December 24 - January 7: Office closed
January 8 on: Back to usual hours
The office will remain open during our summer camp, although there will be reduced staff between January 15-19.
New children’s book: An individual was in the process of writing a book to make the Great Controversy more understandable for children who were struggling to comprehend it. To reach a wider audience we referred the author to Remnant Publications in the USA. The book: ‘By Force or by Faith’ has just been released and is a lovely hardback, fully illustrated volume that is sure to be a blessing to people of all ages who appreciate a simple telling of the story of the early church through to the second coming of Jesus.
We have a shipment of this book on the way at present.
Building Project: After completing three years working from the new premises, we have just passed another milestone of this project with less than $100,000 left to raise to cover the costs! This figure was quietly passed with a combination of  consistent small contributions and also a little income from letting out the studio for compatible recording projects. Thank you, we are almost there!
Funding Progress.jpg
Doug and Angela 2.jpgAustralian Outreach: The outreach/revival series in Western Australia went very well. In total we took 19 meetings from October 27 - November 4.
Those who attended the health and cooking and the evening evangelistic meetings appreciated the material given.
The two revival Sabbaths were well attended. Those present were blessed by the messages shared on the 144,000, the Great Multitude and the end time preparation.  
We also had the opportunity to spend time in visitation as well as working with individuals who serve the homeless in their communities.


October 2023

Days of Noah Ad.jpgIn the Office

While still remaining higher than usual, the recent intensity of orders peaked in July allowing as to now catch up and adjust and staff have been able to take some time off as spring is with us!
Video Production Increase: Over the past few months we have been able to increase the quantity and quality of video productions. We continue to release at least one video to our YouTube Channel per week on a Friday. Recently we were also releasing videos on Tuesdays. Visit our channel to view many sermons to watch and be encouraged by and subscribe to keep up to date as new videos are available.
The Days of Noah: The individual who was so inspired by this video production has made an impact by putting their efforts behind sharing it with not only sponsoring DVDs, but also promoting it via television and radio.
 The Days of Noah is a 4-part documentary series produced by Laymen’s Ministries that investigates the prophetic parallels between the message of Noah and the book of Revelation teaching the truth about the ark of refuge at the end of time and how to enter into it.
We have sold many copies at the discounted rate but we still have over 100 copies available.  If you have not viewed this fascinating series yet, now is an opportunity to secure a set to see the end-time truths presented. Even the bulk prices have been halved so you can join this project to share this impacting message with others. Call us or order online. Keep this project in your prayers as it extends over the next couple of months.
Tongan Project: We have completed the printing of 1000 copies each of 3 different Tongan Language books including Bible Studies. With the shipment we included English books, booklets and Bible studies and funded the shipping to Tonga. May these 1000s of items be a blessing to many people as they are scatted throughout Tonga.
Studio equipment projects: The upgrade of the video production computer has been completed. This has helped with the capacity, efficiency and effectiveness of video editing. This came to a total cost of $5630 and the entire cost has been covered. We have an ongoing equipment fund as having useful tools helps the work to progress. This has generously been topped up with a payout from an estate which had kindly considered this ministry.
Building Project: We are delighted to have made significant progress on the building fund since our last update. This is due mainly to three large contributions and 23 generous smaller gifts. It is encouraging to be just $1,114.20 away from the $100,000 figure of funds left to raise. Although the remainder of this money is not borrowed and incurring interest, it is offset from other funds which, as it is freed up, can allow other purposes to continue. Thank you!
Funding Progress.jpg
Book-truth triumphant.jpgCooking Classes.jpgCooking Classes: We have just completed seven weeks of plant-based cooking classes in the nearby town of Kaiapoi.  We developed a good group of interested people who became friends as we shared recipes, health information and the perspective of the whole human being requiring more than just healthy food. We concluded with a banquet where the participants contributed dishes followed by an interesting presentation on the frontal lobe of the brain and it’s importance in the moral aspects of the human being.
Friday night live.jpgFriday Night Live: September 29 we had another Friday Night Live with a time of devotion and song based in our studio and streamed live where viewers have the song requests! We also featured a special testimony by Vincent Zhang, incredible story of healing and God's miraculous power in this young man's life finding God through his cancer journey.
Christchurch Vegan Expo: We will be exhibiting and demonstrating at this event on 15 October. It is a place to share and connect with many people who have an interest in health and wellness. We have made a decision to not exhibit at the Canterbury A&P show in November this year.
Australian Outreach: In late October to early November, Doug and Angela will be in Western Australia. This visit will include two revival Sabbaths. A week long cooking class series and 6-part evening evangelism series. This will be a very intensive week. We will be staying a little longer to be available for backup of interests and visitation.
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August 2023

In the Office

Order increases: In the last newsletter we reported that domestic and international orders had increased up to 130%. This increase has not slowed but continued to increase with July’s website orders reaching 360% from the beginning of the year which is when we began to notice the sharp increase in orders. Health related books and products still show the main increase. As you can imagine this increases the workload and we have had to call other help in to process orders. Continue to pray that the material that goes out may bless many people.

Staff changes: Estelle has joined us back in the office part-time and we have also been blessed to have Vitalii join us in the area of video production where he has extensive experience to help this area grow further. God has opened many doors to make this possible with the complicated process through immigration happening miraculously fast and smoothly.

The Days of Noah: We recently had a person who saw the Days of Noah documentary series and was so impressed and became passionate about sharing it with as many other people as possible. The Days of Noah is a 4-part documentary series produced by Laymen’s Ministries that investigates the prophetic parallels between the message of Noah and the book of Revelation teaching the truth about the ark of refuge at the end of time and how to enter into it.

Not only were sets of the discs sponsored to make them much more affordable, but TV and radio advertising has been secured to make this material more available. If you have not viewed this fascinating series yet, now is an opportunity to secure a set to see the end-time truths presented, and even the bulk prices have also been halved so you can join this project to share this impacting message with others. Call us or order online. Keep this project in your prayers over the next few months.


Studio equipment projects: We recently received our new Audio Mixer to use in the studio control room. This was set up and first used for our Sabbath to Remember and was a pleasure to use and definitely an enhancement to our facilities with more ease of use and better sound quality.

We are also aiming to upgrade the video production computer so that we have more computing power to increase speed and ability to process more advanced video productions. This will cost between $4,500 and $8,000. We already have some contributions to this project and aim to purchase the most capable equipment we are able to.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel at to see content we upload each Friday in time for you to enjoy some spiritual content for the weekend.

Building Project: Some steady progress from regular donors has helped this fund to increase steadily since we last reported. Thank you!


A Sabbath to Remember: The last weekend of July we had our latest ‘Sabbath to Remember’. It went extremely well with requests for hymns from as far away as Uganda. Our guest speaker, Tony Rykers took all the meetings and it was well presented, and also well received.

You can visit our youtube channel and view the entire weekend.

Friday Night Live will next be on the fifth Sabbath of the month, being September 29. The few hymn choices we ran out of time for we have saved up for next time! Be sure to put this date in your dairy and join us for another night of fellowship and song.