August 2023

In the Office
Order increases: In the last newsletter we reported that domestic and international orders had increased up to 130%. This increase has not slowed but continued to increase with July’s website orders reaching 360% from the beginning of the year which is when we began to notice the sharp increase in orders. Health related books and products still show the main increase. As you can imagine this increases the workload and we have had to call other help in to process orders. Continue to pray that the material that goes out may bless many people.

Staff changes: Estelle has joined us back in the office part-time and we have also been blessed to have Vitalii join us in the area of video production where he has extensive experience to help this area grow further. God has opened many doors to make this possible with the complicated process through immigration happening miraculously fast and smoothly.

The Days of Noah: We recently had a person who saw the Days of Noah documentary series and was so impressed and became passionate about sharing it with as many other people as possible. The Days of Noah is a 4-part documentary series produced by Laymen’s Ministries that investigates the prophetic parallels between the message of Noah and the book of Revelation teaching the truth about the ark of refuge at the end of time and how to enter into it.

Not only were sets of the discs sponsored to make them much more affordable, but TV and radio advertising has been secured to make this material more available. If you have not viewed this fascinating series yet, now is an opportunity to secure a set to see the end-time truths presented, and even the bulk prices have also been halved so you can join this project to share this impacting message with others. Call us or order online. Keep this project in your prayers over the next few months.


Studio equipment projects: We recently received our new Audio Mixer to use in the studio control room. This was set up and first used for our Sabbath to Remember and was a pleasure to use and definitely an enhancement to our facilities with more ease of use and better sound quality.

We are also aiming to upgrade the video production computer so that we have more computing power to increase speed and ability to process more advanced video productions. This will cost between $4,500 and $8,000. We already have some contributions to this project and aim to purchase the most capable equipment we are able to.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel at to see content we upload each Friday in time for you to enjoy some spiritual content for the weekend.

Building Project: Some steady progress from regular donors has helped this fund to increase steadily since we last reported. Thank you!


A Sabbath to Remember: The last weekend of July we had our latest ‘Sabbath to Remember’. It went extremely well with requests for hymns from as far away as Uganda. Our guest speaker, Tony Rykers took all the meetings and it was well presented, and also well received.

You can visit our youtube channel and view the entire weekend.

Friday Night Live will next be on the fifth Sabbath of the month, being September 29. The few hymn choices we ran out of time for we have saved up for next time! Be sure to put this date in your dairy and join us for another night of fellowship and song.

Cooking Classes: We are just commencing another health and cooking series in the town of Kaiapoi. We ran one at the same location last year and we have had requests for more this year.
This six week series plus a closing banquet runs every Wednesday evening from August 16 through to September 27.  See for details.

Australian Outreach: In late October to early November, Doug and Angela will be in Western Australia, taking a revival Sabbath, then all week with cooking classes in the afternoon and public outreach in the evening, with a revival Sabbath to follow. This will be a very intensive week. We will be staying a little longer to be available for backup of interests and visitation.

Uganda Project: We have worked on projects teaming up with an experienced retired church worker in Uganda to supply approximately 500 Bibles in this mission field. That has been a great success with many individuals and study groups receiving Bibles.

We have received another request to see if we can support a different project in Uganda. A set of 50 leaflets has been produced and are proving extremely successful in sharing the gospel. Christian and non Christian people are responding well to these. The leaflets cost $1.60NZD each.

Our friend in Uganda is supporting 28 workers along the Uganda/Congo border and would really like to put 20 sets of these tracts into the hands of each of them to better equip them to spread the gospel.

To supply a full set of 50 would amount to $80.00. To provide 2o sets for one worker would be $1600. To equip each of the 28 pastoral workers with just one set would be $2240.00.  To supply 20 sets for all 28 workers would be a very large sum of money. Regardless, each set is at least one useful tool in the hands of a worker that can potentially reach many people in this area with limited resources. We are working to coordinate what we can and lay this project before you if any would like to contribute.

Tongan Project: We have recently received requests for more Tongan language material to help the work in Tonga. Tonga itself has funded the printing of 1000 copies each of 3 different books including Bible Studies. We will fund the shipping. We are currently printing these and have funds already on hand to cover the shipping.



June 2023

HWISE.jpgSale Graph.jpgIn the Office
Order increases: We have recently had a large increase of orders both domestically and internationally. The popular products are health related books and the main increase has been from new contacts through our webshop. March was up 50%, April  over 130% and May has followed a similar pattern. Pray that the material that goes out may bless many people.
The extra work involved has driven us to look at ways to automate more of the order process to give us better efficiency and accuracy.

Staff changes: As of the end of May, Michelle who has been in our video editing and studio work, is leaving our team to further her career. We are grateful for her four years of learning and accomplishment she has put into our video and media ministry. We are also thankful to have Vincent Zhang joining us part time to contribute his graphic design experience and helping with video production work.

25thAnniversary: On the evening of May 20 we had a small gathering at the ministry base to commemorate 25 years since Autumn Leaves was established. This time gave opportunity for reflection and worship of what God has done and of the work of those who have been a part of Autumn Leaves and the work it has AU.jpgaccomplished. We praise God for His leading in the past, to this time and trust His guidance for the unknown future before us.

Australian Camps: From the beginning of June Doug and Angela will be attending and speaking at camps in Australia.
    June 1-4, Natural Bridge, Queensland
    June 8-11, Karuah, New South Wales
    June 15-18, Neville, New South Wales

North Island trip: In early July Doug and Angela will be travelling in the North Island. They will first be in Auckland for a special weekend holding meetings on family and running cooking classes. The following weekend they will be in the Manawatu. NZ.jpgBetween and around these dates they will be travelling and visiting. Be in touch if you would like to connect with them.

June 30 to July 2, Waitac Church fellowship
    Friday evening: First family meeting
    Sabbath morning: Two family meetings
    Sabbath afternoon: Question and answer time
    Sunday morning: Plant-based cooking demonstration
July 8, Sabbath 11.00am,  Woodville