Updates and FAQs

The entire YBC website has been altered and made more simple to use (For those with curiously technical minds: it's also been rebuilt on a whole new CMS platform rather than simple .html pages) - be sure to read through all the details before applying.

Answers to Questions You Might Have

What if I'm just older than 20?

We are favouring the 12-20 age bracket and want to make this age our focus. Depending on the number of campers we may allow some older campers at our discretion. This is not an adult camp. There is a limit as to how many can attend and we want to prioritise the 12-20 age group.

What if I'm just younger than 12?

This camp is intended for mature youngsters who are able to fully participate in camp activities and is aimed at those aged 12-20. Others at our discretion.

It is to be noted that all campers must have filled out the camper agreement before arrivial and must participate in activities from the youngest to the oldest. This camp is a team effort and everyone is involved.

How soon do I have to apply?

Book as early as you can, provided you are fairly sure you will be able to attend. There is a limit of how many people can attend so if bookings are full further bookings may not be accepted. Please do not just arrive up at the camp without booking or bring a friend who has not booked.

What if I want my children to attend but don't want to send them without me?

This time is especially focused on the young people, but if this is your situation, contact us and we can normally arrange something to suit you. We don't want any young person to miss out!

How can I help?

That depends on who you are!

If you are a youth and planning to attend, you can have some input!

• Suggest ideas for Bible study and worship times.*
• Suggest ideas for activities.*
• Suggest songs for the camp songbook.*
• Encourage a friend who wants to join in the experience to come.

If you are not in the age bracket to attend, you can still help out!

• Find a young person who could benefit from the experience and sponsor them to attend.
• Tell a young person who doesn't know about the camp to view this web site.
• There are lots of costs involved in running a camp and we try to keep the camper's fees as low as possible - We have a fund especially to assist in youth work.
• Do you have an ability or idea that could be of benefit at Youth Bible Camps? Let us know. We are always looking for interesting activities or skills to teach camp attendees.*

* We cannot necessarily implement all ideas, but your suggestion will be appreciated and considered.

If you have a question that is not answered above, contact us