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Are you prepared to experience and make a difference?
About 29 people attended Youth Bible Camp '08 at Forest Lakes Homestead near Otaki during late September to early October. The theme emphasized the importance of sharing our faith and helping those around us to impact their lives for the better!

The camp included some great learning, sharing and experiences. The campers enjoyed their time! This is what some of them had to say:

"I enjoyed most everything: Food, activities & meetings."

"I couldn't get enough of the singing. It was addicting."

"Camp was great, really glad I came again this year."

"The meetings were very good and a great spiritual uplifting time."

"Food was SO good - thank you to the cooks!"

"Camp leaders were great. Lots of fun and very supportive and encouraging."

"When I get home I'm going to 'Make a difference' and share with my friends"

And that's what Youth Bible Camp is all about! — having an enjoyable time together while growing closer to Jesus and each other and studying God's Word, learning practical skills, developing friendships for eternity!

First thing every morning we had a worship time. On Wednesday and Thursday mornings Andy Mcleod took them on the topic of music. Friday morning Doug lead out,Jan took Sabbath morning and Andy did Sunday morning worship. Farai took the last worship on the story of the fig tree and how we are all planted in God's vineyard and its up to us to make a difference or God will cut us down.

Farai Manjengwa was our main speaker. For the first three days he went through the sanctuary and especially the 7 feasts and the 2300-day prophecy. The meetings were very interesting and some of them were very deep. We really studied our Bibles! It really expanded the knowledge of many of the young people on these interesting topics. We all also enjoyed spending time with Farai between meetings.

On Sabbath morning we had about 20 day visitors and split into three classes for Sabbath school lead by FaraiSam and Damon. We discussed the story of Lazarus and how Jesus made a difference for many people at that time. We also learnt of how Jesus made a difference for us by His death and resurrection. After Sabbath school Farai took the sermon.

Each afternoon we set out to make a difference in the community. We all had yellow T-shirts with 'Make a Difference' on the back so we stood out like a team.

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sabbath afternoons we ran a Children's Holiday Club in Levin. Sam did a really good job of organising it all. We had about 40 children attending over the four days. The youth from camp were helping to lead out and helped with the crafts. 'Uncle CJ' and 'Uncle David'were popular with the children!

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday a team went to a lady's house in Otaki to help her lay a path. Over the days these included David, Steve, Jordan, Jemima, Louisa, Kelly, Logan, Mindy, Megan, Joe, Doug and Damon. The owner was really happy with the finished job and said that it had put a smile on her face that would stay there for a while!

Also on these afternoons, Korina organised teams to letterbox flyers all over Levin advertising a Community Evening we had planned for Sunday night.On that evening we sang quite a few of our songs and Kym and Andy did a few of their items and then Farai spoke for about 30 minutes. We also had some of the kids from the Children's Holiday Club there so they sang a couple of songs too.

On Sabbath afternoon most of us went to Visit Te Whanau and Madison Rest homes. We all were in our yellow T-shirts and shared a selection of songs we had been practicing during the camp. Andy and Kym did Wayfaring Stranger together and MeganSofiaAndy & Leilani sang Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus as a special item too. Afterwards many of us talked to the elderly folk who really enjoyed us being there.

Since we were busy in the community we didn't do so many activities at camp, but we really enjoyed a games evening on Saturday night! We played games like balloon putdowns, days of the week, winks, streets and alleys, and the really popular country game!

But the main full-day activity that was really popular was Sunday's 4x4 adventure. We got ready early and met four 4x4s just out on the main road near camp and followed them to Maungakotukutuku valley where we met about eight more and we had to wait a while for another lot to come through the forest to open the gate and let us in to Akatarawa Forest. This forest is set aside with limited access so we were privileged to get in.

We drove through the forest to the'orange hut' where we stopped for a while then we went on out of the forest and to Rallywoods, which is a 4x4 adventure park. We dropped the food and cooks off and then went for a bit of a play in the 4x4s. First we went across the airstrip to a mud hole, then over the other side to the doughnut hole and a few other tracks. Joel and the others with him managed to get very muddy and even had mud fights inside the 4x4 they were in. After a late delicious bbq lunch we went back into Akatarawa forest, up some slippery roads and down a steep rock face and back to our vehicles to drive back to camp.

We had three healthy, tasty and popular meals a day. Angelawas the main cook and Sam helped her out lots but every one had turns to help with meal prep and washup.

On Wednesday evening we had an interesting meal! After we got our food and sat down we were given long handledcutlery and had to feed the person opposite us. It was quite a laugh and we really had to work together as a team to get fed.

For tea on Thursday night we were split into 4 groups and given some basic supplies and a recipe and had to make ourown tea and cook it over a campfire. Some of the methods of doing things were interesting but the food still tasted good. After that we stoked up one fire and had some singing and evening worship around the campfire.

On Friday afternoon while every one went to do their community activities Ioana stayed to help Angela make up the Sabbath meals. They made up bags with lots of packs of food, enough for each person for a day. We all got given a bag and could eat what ever we wanted out of it for each meal. There was also lots of trading going on which made it all the more fun.

All the other meals were much more 'normal' but still very enjoyable and tasty.

The tree swing was one of the most popular attractions between meetings and other activities. Also to get some excercise between Bible Classes we went outside and played some games. One morning it was Kick the Can and another we played Jail Tag, which was really popular.

We also had opportunity to spend time together in small numbers to make good friends and just chat. There were a few walks down the road to the lake too.

After evening worship each night we enjoyed a short social time or games together before heading off to bed. Most campers were pretty tired after a busy day.

Throughout the camp, campers had the benefit of mixing with other Christian young people. They gained new friendships and learnt from each other's experiences. Prayerfully these friendships will go on into eternity and the lessons learnt will benefit their lives here and in the future!

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Notes for Campers!
• The organisers would like to thank all the campers that attended for being such a great bunch to work with. We look forward to seeing you next year and pray that you will continue to strive to Make a Difference in your own life and for those around you.

• We received a few comments from the drivers on the 4wd expedition:

"Thanks for a great day out and a credit to the kids, they were great."

"I'm sure all your lot enjoyed themselves... coz I know we all did"

"The weekend was a blast, the people we picked up had so much energy and they all seemed so happy with life... The 3 that were in with me came up to me at the end and said they had a great time but were sorry about my engine, just told them its all good just gives me an excuse to put a bigger one in ."

"Glad the kids all had a good time and thanks to their crew for the great vegetarian BBQ at lunchtime, never knew there was such a thing. Looking forward to the next one."

"Had a blast....., please thank the "Crew" that were with me for the day, great bunch, awsome personalities and lotsa fun..especially the mud fights inside the vehicle, I'm not sure if there's more mud on the outside or in the vehicle..., anyway..bring it on again."

• Remember to keep in touch with each other and encourage friends to grow in their Christian walk.

• If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on the camp, contact us.