May/June 2021

Bethshan Camp & Conference Centre
70 Wyee Rd, Wyee NSW 2259, Australia

Set in beautiful rural surroundings of the Lake Macquarie district of NSW only 45 minutes north from the start of the M1 in Sydney.

Click here for directions to the Convention Centre.

Day Visitors:
All sessions are open to the public. Please register if you intend visiting the convention. We are charged per day visitor to the convention site. We encourage all visitors to register so that these costs can be recouped.

If you are only attending on the Sabbath, and have not pre-paid, you can contribute to the day visitor cost by contributing to the offering taken during the 11:00am service time.

Important Information:
Conduct & Dress
 — Clothing should reflect the nature of the convention. A business code of dress is expected for the duration of the convention. All attending are requested to uphold principles of Christian modesty and simplicity.
Parents or guardians are responsible for the conduct and dress of their children and youth.

The purpose of the convention is to gain a spiritual blessing from the messages. Please be sure that you attend all sessions where possible.
The main hall has been set aside for the meetings. After each meeting please move quietly from the hall to allow for those who may wish to silently remain seated.
“The success of the meeting depends on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit... As far as lies in our power, we are to remove every hindrance to His working.” —6T p41-46

Offerings — There will be one freewill offering taken during the 11:00am service on Sabbath.

Hymnals — We will use a booklet of hymns during the convention. You may loan a copy or bring your own hymnal .

Resources and Networking — This convention also gives an opportunity for individuals and ministries to share the work they are doing to further the cause of God in their area and to also see what others are doing so each can gain encouragement and enthusiasm. (See Booth display section on contribute page.)

Literature Distribution — Distribution of all pamphlets, books, literature or media must first be approved by the YFBC organisers. Please contact us if you would like to share out any material at the convention.

Minors — While no responsibility will be taken for children, programmes will be held for them during the convention.

Young people under the age of 18 must have an adult (parent, guardian, supervisor. etc.) to take responsibility for the safety and behaviour of the young person.

All people regardless of age must register but there is no registration or accommodation charge for children under the age of 6. The only charge is the standard meal rate for all children over the age of 18 months. List the children and their ages on the registration form.

What to Bring — You will need to bring:

• Bible and study materials
• Sleeping bag (or bed linen and blankets)
• Pillow Slip (pillows supplied)
• Towels and toiletries

Convention Centre — Cigarettes and Alcohol and other harmful substances are not permitted at the convention site. Pets are not permitted. There is a sensitive fire detection system in the centre, please avoid excessive use of deodorants, and other spray packs.

Other Accommodation — Tents, Caravans and your own accommodation is welcome, although there is plenty of cabin space.