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Jeff Wehr

Jeff Wehr, USA
Jeff has been a good friend to us for about 25 years and is also a well known speaker for us in this part of the world. Jeff has a good understanding of our message, has done extensive research on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, and speaks well on living the Christian life in Jesus Christ.


David Salazar

 David Salazar, USA
A new speaker to us here in New Zealand. David serves as lay pastor in a church in Florida, USA and has received great blessings from guiding members, training youth, taking Bible Studies and mentoring. David’s biggest desire is to see more of Christ and be a reflection of His character in himself, and for others to find it too.


Oscar SandeOscar Sande, Australia
Oscar is well known to us here in New Zealand. He has a passion to share a series that he shared for television in Spain that has brought much reconciling of people to God. But Spanish doesn’t reach the English speaking world. His meetings will be prepared for television in this part of the world.


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Tim Riesenberger MD, MPH, is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician who lives in the Seattle area and has a passion for preventive medicine. He received his MD from Loma Linda University, holds a Master's of Public Health in Preventive Medicine from Montemorelos University, and graduated from Residency in Emergency Medicine from Stanford University. Tim has been to dozens of countries as a speaker and health practitioner, and has also spread the health message through TV presentations.

Tim Rumsey web.pngDr Tim Rumsey - Pathway to Paradise, USA
Tim taught music for 12 years before joining the family business in 2012. In the fall of 2015, he and his wife Stacey answered the Lord's call to full-time ministry. Their passion is to share the good news of God's present truth message to the world through the written and spoken word. They have conducted evangelistic series in South america, Colorado, Montana and Missouri. Tim and Stacey currently live in western Missouri with their three children. Tim is Speaker/Director of Pathway to Paradise Ministries, and is an associate speaker with White Horse Media.

Joshua White web.pngJoshua White - A Thinking Generation Ministries, USA
Joshua White is a Child development researcher, and the director of A Thinking Generation Ministries. Through his extensive research in early child development and education, Joshua has discovered that the education of our young people for God's Kingdom and the raising up of a generation to finish the work must begin in the child's earliest years. Joshua has run seminars and spoken in a number of countries around the world and is the author of a number for DVD's and books. He lives in Michigan.

Jennifer White Web.pngJennifer White - Jennifer's Kitchen, USA
Jennifer White, from, is a weight loss consultant with 20 years' experience and a passion for helping others and making a difference. She is a frequent guest on local as well as national television and radio, and her delicious and healthy recipes have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Vegan Food and Living magazine and across the web. Jennifer lives in Michigan with her two children, Joshua and Sarah.


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stephen_bohrStephen Bohr - Secrets Unsealed, USA
Pr. Stephen Bohr was born in Wisconsin but grew up in Venezuela and Colombia where his parents served as missionaries. His heavy speaking schedule has taken him literally around the world. Retired from his 40 years of denominational work Pastor Bohr is now full time President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed. Many of his presentations can be seen on the satellite channels 3ABN, Amazing Facts TV and Firstlight.

Tim_SaxtonTim Saxton - White Horse Media, USA
Timothy Saxton joined White Horse Media in 2015, coming with a background in administration and finance. Born and raised in North West Missouri, he has three children. He enjoys international speaking and has a burden for those parts of the world where the needs of sharing the Gospel are greatest. His focus topics are prayer and revival, understanding the character of God and last day events.

Tony_RykersTony Rykers - Cornerstone Ministries, Australia
Tony Rykers, a founder of Cornerstone Ministries in Australia. He is devoted to the spreading of the message of salvation through letterboxing, door knocking, DVD and video ministry, Bible study correspondence courses, family camps, revival meetings and evangelistic campaigns.




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Randy-Skeete.jpgRandy Skeete - USA
Pastor Skeete is an evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. His direct but loving messages have inspired both young and old to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ, but this was something that came about by his mother's careful upbringing. He said he always wanted to be a pastor, and now he has been doing that for years, bringing the Gospel to thousands around the world. Pastor Skeete's travels have led him to share in many parts of the world.

Daniel-Pel.jpgDaniel Pel - Living Water, Norway
Daniel, born in New Zealand, is a powerful evangelist and teacher, both in person and on screen. His wife Silvia is from Norway where they live and run Living Water, a Christian ministry dedicated to proclaim the wonderful news of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a simple and practical way for the beginner and growing Christian.


EElvis-Placer.jpglvis Placer - Remnant Ministries, Australia
Elvis is a writer, researcher and editor involved in full-time ministry work. He speaks on topics including religious history, end-time events, health and lifestyle, and archaeology. He enlightens his listeners to the times we are living in, bringing the Bible to life, and sharing about living a life with Christ.



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ronwoolsey.jpg Ron Woolsey - USA

It was 23 years ago that the Lord rescued Ron from a life of self-destruction, total degradation and homosexuality. Through much prayer, study and guidance of the Holy Spirit he was able to find all the answers to his questions and walk away from his gay life and into his new life in Christ. Today he views himself as a new creature in Christ. By God's grace Ron is now a minister of the gospel. 

hal-mayer.jpgHal Mayer - USA

Pr Mayer, a founder of Hartland Institute, has taken over the role from Elder Lawrence Nelson of Keep the Faith audio ministry.
For more than 20 years, Pastor Mayer has been an active, inspiring and effective speaker for churches, youth groups, academic classrooms, music festivals and home-school meetings.


MikeAvaylon.jpgMike Avaylon - USA

Mike is speaker and director of Light of Prophecy International and has worked as a lay pastor since 1998 and served in Sacramento Central SDA Church for ten years. He uses the written word, media, music and public evangelism. He has preached in the USA, Italy, Turkey, Armenia, India and the Philippines and has produced about 80 programs for the Hope Channel in Asia.


LarrySendelbach.jpgLarry Sendelbach - USA

Larry is a speaker and evangelist for Light of Prophecy international. He works with Mike Avaylon, and helps with aspects of ministry. Larry is an elder and speaker for the Upper Columbia Conference and has also taught in India. It is Larry’s desire to share the 3 Angels’ and Sanctuary Messages.



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Oscar Sande Oscar Sande - Australia

Oscar is active in sharing his faith to those about him and is passionate about Christianity as well as health and family. Oscar has conducted numerous presentations on a variety of topics and is coming to share a new series called the Nutrient Connection.

Anthony BurnsAnthony Burns - USA

Anthony is a founder of The Second Advent Ministries based in Tennessee. Anthony was a musician then moved into business. He explored the New Age, Scientology and Sorcery. Now as a Christian, Anthony understands the masterpiece of deception: Spiritual Formation.

Tom & Alane Waters

Tom & Alane Waters - USA 

Tom and Alane Waters are cofounders of Restoration International, which is based in Eureka, MT, and are dedicated to restoring the personal union of the individual, marriage, and family to Christ through real-life application of the power of the gospel.

Their ministry serves others through Family Camp meetings, seminars on personal Christianity, marriage and parenting, as well as personalized retreats and individual counselling.Tom and Alane are also co-hosts of "Marriage in God's Hands" on 3ABN. 



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Maurice BerryMaurice Berry - USA
Pastor Maurice Berry was born in Detroit MI, and comes from a line of Baptist preachers. His conversion came at the age of 19, when he was invited to a Daniel and Revelation Seminar. He resigned from his supervisor job at General Motors in order to serve God as a Literature Evangelist. He next entered the Ministry and enrolled in Oakwood College, and later while Pastor Berry was attending Andrews University, the Lord directed him to be the Associate Publishing Director for the South Atlantic Conference of SDA, where he rendered his services for several years. As his time in that field of labor was coming to a close, the Lord was opening the door for him to work with his own ministry while serving as a pastor in Miami Florida.

Diego and Melissa SilvaDiego and Melissa Silva - Brazil
Diego & Melissa, both Hartland College graduates, have blended their cultures and talents to conduct a vibrant ministry.

Diego serves as director of Taquara Institute of Health and Education, just outside Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There he teaches Bible classes, including Conversion and Righteousness by Faith, and Old Testament History. Melissa is Canadian by birth, is talented with music and serves as Taquara's mission director.

Tony RykersTony Rykers - Australia
Cornerstone Ministries. Tony is devoted to the spreading of the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and the news of His soon return. He is part of a dynamic, faith–based ministry that endeavors to make a positive impact in the lives of people and to build lives and families on lasting values. Their evangelism takes them not only all over Australia, but to further parts of the world, including the Pacific Islands and the African Continent. Tony and his family live in Victoria, Australia.



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David GatesDavid Gates - USA
David is the president of Gospel Ministries International, an umbrella organization for more than 65 ministries around the world. Running on an all-volunteer basis, GMI works with a financial philosophy built on prayer and faith. Education, prison ministry, health care and care for the abandoned and needy are some of its priorities, while utilizing technology such as aviation and mass media to leverage the impact and influence of its mission.

Rob McClintockRob McClintock - USA
Dr. McClintock is an internationally recognized authority in the Science of Immune Health Management. He is a Naturopathic doctor by vocation, but a teacher and missionary at heart. His healthcare ministry is called “Healing Leaves” which he operates near his home in Rice, Washington. A majority of this work is done through this passionate non-profit ministry.

Oscar SandeOscar Sande - Australia
Oscar is active in sharing his faith to those about him and is passionate about Christianity as well as health and family. Based in Australia, Oscar has conducted numerous presentations on a variety of topics and is coming to New Zealand to share a series on the family.

Messages also by: Mike Hitchens, Maurice Dobson, Malcolm Hurley, Reg Peterson, Damon Hurley



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Christian BerdahlChristian Berdahl - International singer and speaker Christian Berdahl is renowned for his rich, powerful voice and stirring, Biblical messages. For nearly a decade, Christian has been blessing audiences the world over with beautiful, God-honoring music that lifts hearts and minds. Christian is the founder of Shepherd's Call, a ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel through heavenly music and practical, Bible-based teaching.

Mike Bauler

Mike Bauler - Mike's goals are to help give the gospel with an emphasis in helping his Bible students discover the truths in Bible prophecy. He is also committed to seeing the gospel message going around the world and he has made recent trips to conduct prophecy seminars in Togo, West Africa and Costa Rica. Pastor Mike longs to see more workers active in sharing the gospel. To help meet this need he conducts Bible worker training seminars as well as speaking at churches across the country.

Moses Mason

Moses Mason - Moses desires to remind God's people of their identity and mission, commissioned to prepare a people for the soon coming of Jesus Christ. His powerful presentations on prophecy, especially last day events has caused many to study earnestly of the times that we are living in. One aspect of his studies is how a troubled economy as a result of greed and the frequency of natural disasters is predicted in Bible prophecy. Moses has worked extensively with Jeremiah Davis who attended our camps last year.

Messages also by: Nathan Mitchell, Brian Field, Maurice Dobson, Michael Hitchens.



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Jeremiah DavisJeremiah Davis grew up in a Seventh-day Adventist home but thought the church was boring. He was allured with competitive sports and rap music until he met the transforming love of Jesus Christ in college. During his college years at Oakwood University, providential meetings and a powerful bible study caused Evangelist Davis to fall in love with the word of God and become active in ministry. Evangelist Davis, his wife Aretha, and daughter Amiah travel the world sharing the everlasting gospel to young people.  When not traveling, Evangelist Davis serves as a lay-pastor at a church in Alabama. The impact his ministry has towards young people is profound.  His dynamic presentations of preparing for the last days has awakened many to the times that we are living in. Evangelist Davis and his wife Aretha are co-directors of Messengers of Light Ministry

Dwight HallDwight Hall was a troubled youth and was expelled from several private schools. Wanting to be part of something special, Dwight joined the Army’s elite Special Forces unit. He also started his first business while in his early twenties. By the time Dwight was 30, his company had sales of $12 million per year and he was living what many would call the “good life.” But even though Dwight had the beautiful wife, kids, home, and money that came with success, there was still something missing in his life. He didn’t find the heart-fulfilling purpose he so earnestly desired until what he calls his “wilderness experience.” Selling his business and packing up his family, Dwight moved to the Montana wilderness to get away from the hectic world that was eating at his soul and threatening his family. Here he finally found peace and meaning in life. Today, Dwight shares his faith through the ministry of Remnant Publications. Since 1985, Remnant has printed and distributed millions of books and literature with the sole purpose of leading people closer to Christ.

Terry McCombTerry McComb speaker and writer with Creation Illustrated magazine, has conducted countless character-building, Bible-based seminars that reveal eternal truths through the handiwork of God. The deeply Spiritual messages have a lasting impact on all ages. Seminars feature black light drawings and uplifting piano artistry by his wife Jean, as well as useful handouts. Terry is a dedicated pastor and avid naturalist with an enthusiasm for discovering illustrations of the Gospel in creation. Terry & Jean's pastoral ministry began in 1964. During the next 44 years they served in both the USA and Canada. God blessed them with four sons, whom they home schooled during some of their childhood years. During the past 14 years they have shared nature seminars in churches. They presently reside in BC, Canada where they are semi-retired, and pastor two small churches. Their four sons are now happily married and are pursuing their own careers. They have five grandchildren. See for more information.

Messages also by: Reg Peterson, Michael Hitchens, Nathan Mitchell, Maurice Dobson, Brian Field


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Thomas & LaVerne Jackson - M.E.E.T. Ministry, USA. M.E.E.T. (Missionary Education and Evangelistic Training) is multi-faceted and includes a Life-Style Center, a Gospel Medical Missionary Training School, a Publishing Ministry, an Organic Farm, Herbal Industry and conducts seminars all over the world. See for much more information.

Hal Mayer - Keep the Faith Ministry, USA. Pr Mayer, a founder of Hartland Institute, has taken over the role of Elder Lawrence Nelson of Keep the Faith audio ministry. For more than 20 years, Pastor Mayer has been an active, inspiring and effective speaker for churches, youth groups, academic classrooms, music festivals and home school meetings around the world. See for much more information.

Gideon Bouro - Solomon Islands. Gideon is a lay-worker with a professional forest research background. He does preaching and ministry work throughout the Pacific Island nations.


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Main Speakers: Randy SkeetePeter GregoryStephen DickieSebastian Teh 

Messages also by: Reg Peterson, Farai Manjengwa

Farai Manjengwa was born and grew up in Zimbabwe. He was very involved in his church and youth activities there where he also met his wife Joy. He attended university and later shifted to New Zealand where he works in the electrical field, and has two young sons Tinashe and Mandikudza. Farai is a passionate Christian and Bible teacher. He has boundless enthusism for God and seeks to serve Him in any way he can. He has recently travelled to the USA for training to further his capabilities for ministering to those about him. He has the ability to share with the young and older folk alike. We look forward to his input at the coming camps.


Main Speakers: Daniel & Silvia PelPr Tom Turner, Derrol Sawyer

Messages also by: Jonathan Bennett 


Main Speakers: Jeff ReichChristian Berdahl, Gordon & Heather Anderson

Messages also by: Pr John Horvath, Mike Bates 


Main Speakers: Frank Fournier, Manasa Vakasoqo, Daniel & Nerida McKibben. 


Main Speakers: Pr David Kang, Pr Tom Turner, Tom and Alane Waters

Messages also by: Pr John Horvath 


Main Speakers: Clark Floyd, Pr Maurice Berry, Pr Des Williams

Messages also by: Paul Schoolderman, Don Menkens, Maurice Dobson, Pr John Horvath, Dave Armstrong 


Main Speakers: Peter Gregory, Dr Don Kelly, Pr Frank Saunders 


Main Speakers: Ralph Henderson, Torben Nybo, Daniel & Nerida McKibben 


Main Speakers: Pr Ron Woolsey, Pr Tom Turner

Messages also by: Maurice Dobson, Peter Olney, Paul Schoolderman, Dave Armstrong, Keith Stirling, Trevor Brown, John Schoolderman, Andrew Collins