During the summer-time Autumn Leaves hold camps in New Zealand. The purpose of these camps is to encourage and uplift spiritually, all those in attendance. Speakers come from overseas to share their experiences and study. Often there are also folk who have been on mission service in other countries who share their work and experiences.

The camp grounds are in secluded country locations and are enjoyed for their peacefulness providing an atmosphere for contemplating not only the truths in God’s Word but also the wonders of nature. 

Important Information

For the camp to be most enjoyable and beneficial, you will want to be both physically and spiritually prepared for this spiritual feast. It is important that each of you come for spiritual encouragement and advancement. It is not a holiday.

We are aiming to reduce the workload at camps by having camp fees prepaid. Please see the application pages for details.


The purpose of this camp is to prepare us to meet Jesus face to face and your conduct and dress should reflect this. How we act and dress does influence those about us. Make sure each member of the family attends to these details diligently. Each adult bringing children or youth is responsible to make sure the young ones understand these principles.

Our behaviour should be as in the presence of Christ both during and between meetings. You can begin by addressing this in your heart before attending camp.

We at Autumn Leaves wish all who will be attending to receive 
the highest heavenly blessing and spiritual encouragement.

“Autumn Leaves Camp is a highlight for us every year. My children are saturated with a wonderful, spirit-filled, Godly influence which is desperately needed in the world that we live in today trying to raise children for heaven ... I am personally richly blessed by the messages as well as the beautiful fellowship with like-minded folk endeavouring to prepare to meet Jesus very soon. It is a privilege and blessing to attend an Autumn Leaves Camp every year & would highly recommend anybody to attend for an enriching, deeper experience in their walk with Christ.”