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Over Easter Autumn Leaves will be running a interactive family focused camp in Hanmer Springs New Zealand. The purpose of this camp is to encourage and uplift Families and all those in attendance. Our speakers Elvis Placer and Doug Hurley will be sharing about our need of preparation for the times ahead and our need for moral purity. As well as morning and evening worships, we will be having spiritually uplifting meetings in the mornings and family focused events in the afternoon. There will also be children's classes in the morning.

To make it easier and more affordable for families to attend, children's (0-15 years) accommodation has been sponsored.

The campground is in a secluded country location and is enjoyed for its peacefulness providing an atmosphere for contemplating not only the truths in God’s Word but also the wonders of nature.

We will have a variety of programs that will benefit you and your family.

• Morning and Evening Worships
• Workshops
• Family Focused Events
• Nature Walks and Activities
• Tasty Meals
• Time for Connecting and Fellowship
• And more...

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Doug Hurley.jpg Doug Hurley: Founder of Autumn Leaves and involved with ministry locally for 40 years. He has a real burden for connecting with people, to share the good news of the gospel.
Elvis Placer.jpg Elvis Placer: Elvis is a writer, researcher and editor living in Australia. He speaks on topics including religious history, end-time events, health and lifestyle, bringing the Bible to life, and sharing about living a life with Christ.

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Important Information

For the camp to be most enjoyable and beneficial, you will want to be both physically and spiritually prepared for this event. It is important that each of you come for spiritual encouragement and advancement.


Ultimately the purpose of this camp is to prepare us to meet Jesus face to face and to strengthen family relationships. Your conduct and dress should reflect this.
How we act and dress does influence those about us.



South Island Camp Information: