Camp Information

Summer Camp 2025


Accommodation is available on site or you can attend as a day visitor. There are three onsite accommodation options.

Lodge rooms have up to two beds per room plus a vanity unit. These rooms are ideal for couples or elderly people. (The camp ground does not permit children in the Lodge)

Bunk rooms are set out in house units with 3-6 rooms per building. Each building has its own toilets and showers. There are a range of different sized bunkrooms. This is ideal family accomodation. Families will be kept together where at all possible.

Own accommodation. There is good lawn area for those bringing campervans, tents and caravans. Please place your accommodation around the edges of the space provided to leave the open space available for activities.

You will need
Under-blanket or sheet to go over supplied mattress.
Bedding needs – sheets and blankets, or sleeping bags
Pillows are provided. Pillowcases must be brought and used by all campers.
Toiletries etc.

There is relatively good vehicle access to the accommodation to unload and load your belongings. After unloading please move your vehicle away from the cabins and park on the sloping ground toward the south side of the grounds (towards the lake) to leave the space around the cabins clear for other access and the flat ground for tents etc.


Three dairy-free vegetarian meals will be served per day.

Breakfast          7.45am
Lunch               1.00pm
Light Tea          5.30pm

If you have special dietary requirements please make a note when booking.

Meals are also available for day visitors. You can fill in an application form to let us know which meals you would like to have.

Other Notes

Day visitors may need: Bibles and study materials. If you want soft seating bring padding strips.
Please note that there is a Day Visitor fee per day. See Application page for details.
Please remember that principles of dress need to be upheld and modesty is essential for old and young, male and female alike.

There will be one freewill offering taken up during the main service of the camp, being 11:00am Sabbath morning. It will be used for expenses toward the camp and assistance of the ministry of Autumn Leaves to continue the work it has developed and established here in New Zealand and further afield.

When you arrive please go to the main hall first to register. Registration will begin sometime after midday.
At the end of camp please make sure your belongings are taken from the lodge or bunkrooms by 1:00pm to allow for cleaning. Please also vacate the camp ground by 3:00pm, this saves holding up the staff and allows them to do a final check at a reasonable time too.

Camp Management Requirements
No fires are to be lit – no exceptions.
No dogs are allowed at camp.

If you have any further questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help.