About Us

Autumn Leaves NZ Ltd is a charitable resource and service organization for Christian supplies and projects, located in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Our basis is from a Biblical perspective, and we work with various individuals, groups and organizations from a range of denominational or non-denominational backgrounds who we are able to serve.

Autumn Leaves NZ Ltd is dedicated to uplifting people in their Christian walk and reaching out to others who do not understand the value of the salvation which Christ offers. This is accomplished by various means of services including making available printed materials, campmeetings, visitation, health presentations and newsletters.

We are suppliers of Bibles, Study Aids & Accessories, Christian Books, Family Books, Children's Books, Home School Supplies, Health Books and Christian Media.

We also run events such as Family Camps, Youth Camps, Vegetarian Health and Cooking Classes, and other community projects.

See our events page for more information.

In addition to work in New Zealand and surrounding countries, we also supply aid and educational material to many of the Pacific Island nations and in a limited manner to other countries around the world.