Autumn Leaves (NZ) Limited is a charitable resource and service organization based in Canterbury, New Zealand with the purpose of scattering God’s message of truth like the leaves of autumn.


In the Office

In our last newsletter we noted a reduction of in-store visitors, presumably due to the overall slowdown caused by Omicron. In the last weeks of March this notably began to reverse as visitors began increasing again. Trolley loads of parcels are also still being collected by the couriers as many books are going out to be scattered like the leaves of autumn. We have so far been blessed to be relatively unaffected by the ongoing corona virus both with the work we do and the workers needed to do the work. In fact the pandemic has increased the openness of many people to ask questions about the state of the world and discover spiritual solutions.

Protests: During the mandate protest in Wellington and other associated events, various individuals decided to make the most of these opportunities to evangelise and with great success! This quotation inspired some:

"As we approach the end, there will be large gatherings in our cities ... and that preparations must be made to present the truth at these gatherings. When Christ was upon this earth, He took advantage of such opportunities. Wherever a large number of people were gathered for any purpose, His voice was heard, clear and distinct, giving His message. And as a result, after His crucifixion and ascension, thousands were converted in a day. The seed sown by Christ sank deep into hearts, and germinated, and when the disciples received the gift of the Holy Spirit, the harvest was gathered in.....

"At all such gatherings there should be present men and women whom God can use. Leaflets containing the light of present truth should be scattered among the people like the leaves of autumn. To many who attend these gatherings these leaflets would be as the leaves of the tree of life, which are for the healing of the nations."—Evangelism, 35, 36.

At this time we had a number of people contact us with an interest to share books at these events. We were able to connect these individuals and support them with resources 'containing the light of present truth' to be 'scattered among the people like the leaves of autumn'. Many contacts were made and we pray the conversations had, and the books and Bibles given, will continue to bear fruit.

Grape juice: We have stocked pure grape juice for many years and the demand for it continues to increase. The Torara Terrace juice from vineyards in Nelson area ran out after a bad season last year. This month they are bottling the new season juice and that will be available soon. We also added the Australian Patritti grape juices last year and these have also been enjoyed. Our stocks are currently low but we have a pallet of this ordered to be sent as soon the new season juice is ready to send. “The new wine is found in the cluster, and one saith, Destroy it not; for a blessing is in it.” —Isaiah 65:8

Courier Increases: Due to increasing costs and service shortages. Costs of delivery via courier and post are increasing. Since a majority of books and other items we sell go out via courier, this affects us - and you! We have mitigated some of this by pre-buying courier tickets and will be able to keep our courier rates the same until at least near the end of April and then increase less that would have been necessary especially for larger parcels. Rural delivery of parcels will get the biggest impact so having parcels delivered to a nearby urban address is a good solution.

Donation tax rebate receipts: New Zealand income earners can receive a tax rebate on donations given to charities. You can use the receipts we issue through the year or we also provide an annual donation receipt summary. We aim to get these sent out soon after the tax year ending March 31. If you have donated in the past year but not received your receipt yet, be in touch.


Giveaway Books & Bibles: Each month we have a free offer promoted on social media (Facebook & Instagram). We have noticed a trend toward more interest in things that are directly Bible related rather than ‘issues’ related (offering solutions)  which has been a more common approach in the past. Due to this we directly offered free Bibles during the month of March resulting in about 150 Bibles requested. This is significantly higher than any previous offers even though the same advertising budget was applied. The monthly advertising budget is funded by a regular donor and the postage and books are funded by individual donations to this project. This month we are offering Bible study guides and the initial responses at the time this newsletter was printed shows a high interest.

Bible Projects: Over the past couple of years, with your help we have funded Bibles for projects in various countries and to be given away or discounted here in New Zealand. With supply shortages due to the Covid pandemic the availability of Bibles has also been impacted. One of our suppliers in the USA is not able to print due to paper shortages. Other suppliers have large delays. It seems inconceivable that it could be difficult to purchase something as simple as a Bible. We are currently working with individuals in Australia to print thousands of gift Bibles to have available in this part of the world. A fund has been set up for this purpose.

Building Project: Every commercial building where the public may visit requires a Building Warrant of Fitness. This includes making sure the building and it’s safety systems are maintained to a suitable standard. The BWoF is renewed every year. We obtained our first one late last year, 12 months after opening. Recently we were ‘randomly’ selected for an audit of our building WoF. We contacted the contractors who maintain our fire, emergency exit, and ventilation systems for the necessary paperwork. One of them commented that the particular inspector who was coming can be particularly precise in checking records. When he came we were able to present all of the records and he inspected the building in detail. While here he commented that he had followed the build process and knew the history of the family ministry. When departing he mentioned that he had done 4 audits recently and this building would be the only one to pass. We thank God often for this excellent resource He has blessed us with and continually see the light that it is in this community and further afield.

Progress has also been made regarding completing the funding. Thank you to those who have given! We now only have about 10% of the total amount left to raise to totally cover the costs of this project.


Some of you will recall the singing for Sabbath in and Sabbath out during our virtual camp in January. That time was enjoyed very much by those who joined in and we have received requests that once a year isn’t enough to have that interaction and contact.
So we are going to increase the opportunity for virtual contact with those who would like it this year.

Book the times coming up for some company coming into your Sabbath hours.

April 29, 7.00pm
This will be another opportunity for requests and a singalong time, for you to sing with our ‘virtual choir’ here in the studio. This time will include a spiritual message during the singalong.

July 29, 7.00pm
This will be different. We will have the same as April 29 on the Friday evening, but all day Sabbath will be meetings, with requests and singing Saturday evening. This will be our ‘Virtual Winter Camp.’

October 28, 7.00pm
This will be the same as April 29, another opportunity for requests and a singalong time, for you to sing with our ‘virtual choir’ here in the studio along with a spiritual message.

"The truth must be scattered from city to city,
from street to street, from family to family... The truth must be carried from province to province, from kingdom to kingdom. The highways and byways must be thoroughly gleaned, and the message must spread from continent to continent until the whole earth is belted with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."

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