Autumn Leaves (NZ) Limited is a charitable resource and service organization based in Canterbury, New Zealand with the purpose of scattering God’s message of truth like the leaves of autumn.


In the Office

Virtual Camp: January 18-22 we have Virtual camp meeting running. See our events page for details! Everything will be on-line and people from around the country and the world all will be able to join at the same time. If you would like to join with us in the studio for Sabbath, January 22, be in touch as we will have limited capacity.

Advertising Brochure: We have recently created a slightly different brochure to promote books and products other than we usually make. It still notifies those who receive the newsletter etc. of products that we have available, but this edition has been bulk printed and about 17,500 copies are being distributed in our local town, two neighbouring towns and all the rural areas in between. This flyer has a carefully chosen selection of products that includes a variety of Christian resources and covers a wide range of Bible topics, family and health and is designed to contain a message within itself as well promoting Autumn Leaves, inviting the community to come in-store to meet us and to get resources that could benefit them and as gifts with spiritual values for family and friends at this time of the year. If you have not received a copy contact us or view it on our website.

Studio activity: In October we completed filming the Seams of Gold series and dismantled the filming set. Editing has continued and is now complete. Since this time we have filmed trial episodes of a series focusing on the parables through the book Christ’s Object Lessons. We have also recorded two different music projects and look forward to creating more. During December we will be setting everything up for the virtual camps for January.


Bible Projects: Since the October newsletter, there has been more work going on, especially in Uganda. We are now aware of about six mission stations along the Congo border, plus other areas that are thriving and Bibles have been put into the hands of church members and new believers.

A new report has just come in that is very encouraging:

“During the month of October, distribution of Bibles to six different regions in West Uganda have brought great blessings. Many have accepted the truth of the Bible by reading it for themselves and it has confirmed they have not been cheated by our church as they have been by other church organisations. While doing our October report, we have supported opening of about 50 new churches, with new congregations, often connected to the Bible distribution. Please pass this on to your good friends supporting us. God has blessed, we thank Him for it.”

In the times we are living, we are very grateful to have people we can trust representing Uganda, Kenya, Fiji and Tonga. God has organised it to give a big push to get the word of God into the hands of those who haven’t had the opportunities like we have here in our western countries.

We are also grateful for the donors here in New Zealand who have already contributed to help these people desiring truth in far-away lands. There are needs for more Bibles. We have had the privilege to have access to a Bible all our lives, but these people in countries like Uganda, some have never seen one, let alone have one of their own. When these people get one they surely value and do something with it!

Tongan Language Books:
The book project for Tonga is now about ready to ship. There are 11,000 books in three titles in the Tongan Language. We have produced 1000 of the Bible study lessons in-house here at the ministry. The other 10,000 books have been printed by a local printer and have just arrived for shipping. We will also include some English books and resources in the shipment and supply Bibles also. We are currently packing the pallets and shipping these off to Tonga as soon as we can.

Fijian Language Books: We have also just received an update from Fiji where we recently supplied Bibles in English and Fijian. The locals have got together themselves and reprinted 10,000 copies of books we had translated and produced a number of years ago. They were thankful for the efforts that went into making these books available so that they can be reproduced again.

Building Project: Fourteen months after setting up and moving in to the new ministry base, we are delighted to let you know that sufficient funds have come in to cover all of the loaned funds! We now only have about 10% of the total amount left to raise to totally cover the costs of this project which has proven valuable, especially having the media facilities in these interesting times!

"The truth must be scattered from city to city,
from street to street, from family to family... The truth must be carried from province to province, from kingdom to kingdom. The highways and byways must be thoroughly gleaned, and the message must spread from continent to continent until the whole earth is belted with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."

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