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During the 2014 Youth and Family Bible Convention in Morisset, Australia in April, both Maurice Berry and Dwight Hall emphasised that we have such a short time to give this message the last great push to the finish line.

A challenge was made to those attending that Autumn Leaves here in New Zealand, would organise a container of books from United States to Australia, clear the contents, drop-ship to large city areas and deliver case-lots anywhere in Australia to those who are willing to distribute the books. It is the job of the recipients to get them into people's hands.

This project is now complete and the books are with groups and individuals who can share them with the community.

In total 29,108 books have been supplied:
• Patriarchs and Prophets     56       
• Prophets and Kings         38       
• Desire of Ages (or portions)    2012       
• Acts of the Apostles         48        
• Great Controversy (or portions)     19,368       
• Ministry of Healing         136
• Steps to Christ for a Sanctified Life    2,100
• Noah, Another Storm is Coming     3,800
• Secrets Beyond the Grave     900  
•Ten Commandments Twice Removed      200

• Bibles             360    

These have gone into Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, plus two pallets to Solomon Islands.

We want to thank those who have worked along side Autumn Leaves to make this project happen. We thank Dwight Hall from Remnant Publications, USA who covered the cost of the freight from USA to Australia. We thank John Wolff from Pacific Laymembers Association, Australia for receiving, sorting and distributing the shipment throughout Australia. We also thank individuals such as our son Malcolm, who received books in Newcastle and delivered them to the people who will distribute them in this area.

Read this thrilling update from a student who is distributing books at his university.

“I just want to give you an exciting update about the books (The Great Controversy, The Passion of Love and Steps to Christ)... Upon seeing hundreds and hundreds of books in boxes in my room at the start of the year I was honestly thinking, "what have I done? I don't know how to distribute all these books." Oh how small my faith was and unbelief in what the Spirit wants to do.
“In conjunction with an evangelistic series that we are running at the University of Newcastle, we decided to spread the books to the students who were interested. In short, 100+ books were distributed in the space of just 5 hours. People of all walks of life took the books with great intrigue, examining the titles, chapters and synopsis. Chaplains, engineering, education, science, health and mathematics students took the books. We do not know when they will read these books, but we are simply following the counsel given to us by Ellen White. Her books need to get out and it is exciting to think of where these hope-filled books will end up. International students will return home and so might these books.
“I have 320 books left in my room and our target is to distribute 2,000+ books to those who are wanting, searching and interested. I am not sure [who] can help out with books at a cheap rate because we truly believe that they will make an eternal impact. Keep praying for us as we move forward in these last days. God bless, Morgan.”

We have been glad to facilitate connecting people willing to distribute books and those able provide funds. Even though the project to get the books in you will notice that more books are needed. We also have interest in more Desire of Ages and Patriarchs and Prophets for Melbourne!

Contact us to contribute to ongoing projects to distribute books. You can click the button below to donate via credit card or deposit into our account with the reference “Word to AU”.

ANZ bank Australia: BSB 014 507 Account 4865 93335


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