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IMG_6927.JPGWhile we are printing a newsletter recently, our print equipment broke down. For some time, we have had problems with our printing equipment, but have battled on with it to keep it going... but it's time has come!

We have been trying to put off upgrading due to the building project. The digital duplicators we currently use replaced our offset printing press in 2006 and has surely been a boost to our printing operation. But now, twelve years on, this 'new' equipment has pumped out over 3 million pieces of printed paper and has come to the point where it is overdue for replacement.

We have been doing some initial research to see what we can do, and to overhaul the present machines will incur considerable expense and the company has not guaranteed they will last another three years, perhaps more, perhaps less. Also the technology has been superseded and lacking support to the extent that we may only have a limited time before supplies are no long available.

A suitable replacement for this machine will be in the vicinity of $10-30,000 dollars, which is considerably cheaper than the $40,000 we had to find to cover the present machines twelve years ago. We need to find a replacement within the next 4-8 weeks as we have jobs coming up to print. A good printing facility is essential for our ministry, as many pages go through them to spread the message out to the world like autumn leaves.

Printer I know it seems we have huge needs at present, and that is true. The demands are coming in for us to supply books, media and services, and our printing machines, our cameras and our building needs are all calling for upgrades to continue to work efficiently. All we can do here at our home base, is do our best to diligently carry out the heavenly directive to spread God's message – and it does keep us all full and active.

Besides the building project and camera upgrades, we also lay this important project before you.

Thank you again for all the help and support that has been given over the 33 years in ministry. Heaven marks the willing hearts who give in each way that we all can.


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