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mWk7rZE.jpgWe are looking to establish a new building that will house the whole ministry plus expand our borders. Currently we use a large double garage attached to the house for the books and reception, a separate building for computers and production, and two separate storage areas. We also have been wanting to add a studio area for developing further into media which is become a vital way to reach out with all aspects of our message.

We want to use the stability that we have developed over the years as a footing for another big step forward in sharing the gospel more effectively through Christian resources and services.

We value the feedback we have received and the enthusiasm in the project. The option to purchase completely separate premises appears to be out of reach, so we are aiming to build a new building on the same property which will combine and enlarge the existing ministry work areas  and include a studio for media production as the demand continues to increase for both DVD’s and material to broadcast.

We are grateful for those who have already offered services and funding toward this project and we invite you to also contribute. Will you partner with us in this project to further God's cause in New Zealand and abroad?

Where are we up to with this project?

February 2015: We have spoken with the local council about options to build on this property, they indicate that the idea is quite likely possible and they have granted permission for the ministry to expand its floor space. We have also considered relocating to another premises entirely.

June 2015: We have been communicating with our local council authority in regards to regulations and requirements for the building as well as speaking to a building companies to get details on the best type and method for the building. We have been thankful for the offers of help for the project. We also express our thanks to all who have so far contributed to this project, the largest we have ever undertaken.

August 2015: Doug and Damon have recently returned from the USA, and after visiting various ministries on the west coast, they have come back inspired from gaining much valuable input. We thank Dwight Hall from Remnant Publications, Christian Berdahl from Shepherd’s Call, Stephen Bohr and the team from Secrets Unsealed, Danny Vierra from Modern Manna and Jeff Reich from Laymen Ministries for their knowledge and encouragement. All the above ministries are active in media and publications for outreach. All the above ministries have recommended and encouraged us to go forward with larger premises to increase our efficiency.

November 2015: We have recently experienced a little of the frustration of not having facilities to work with. We were filming Doug Batchelor on his recent visit to NZ and it would have been so beneficial to have a studio to work with for interviews. However we were able to work in the hotel where Doug was staying.

We also have had fiber installed in our area would would be ideal for a fast internet connection if we were to build here.

In the mean time, we have had an architect draw up our sketches so we can price up the viability of building on the current location. We want to do this before submitting for consents with the local authorities.

June 2016: We continue to ask for your prayers on this project. We have met with legal and spiritual advisers which has helped us to make some important decisions for the long term. Financial contributions have grown just a little since the last newsletter, we are continuing to make progress on this project. We are thankful to those who have been generous with their contributions and have had valuable input so far and we continue to seek God’s leading and providence.

August 2016: We continue to ask for your prayers on this project. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to progress faster on this due to limited funds so far, but we are thankful to those who have been generous with their contributions and we have seen the fund grown significantly since the last update. We continue to progress with the planning and to seek God’s leading and providence.

October 2016: While we continue to work on this project and gather funds for bigger working space, we have also been trying to make better use of the space we currently have. We recently took the time to clear out a lot of older media items we had accumulated. These included old stock, masters, and second hand items on video and audio cassettes, DVDs and CDs. These have insignificant value and the easiest way to dispose of these would have been to dump them, but instead we decided to give them away. Quite a bit of time was taken in sorting, advertising and packing them to send away, but the individuals who received them have been blessed and they have scattered around New Zealand, Australia and even the USA. This extra space has already been taken up with the giveaway books!

June 2017: Please continue to join us in prayer over this project as it becomes more urgent. We have recently discussed one option with a vendor but were unable to reach an agreement on price. In the meantime our funding has increased a little. We continue to fund-raise and seek God’s direction.

Again, we express our thanks, and continue to appreciate what every one of you have given to make this ministry what it is, and what it continues to achieve.


Please contact us to learn more or to discuss ways that you can be involved. We are looking for those that have the resources to invest in this project in a substantial way and especially the many who can make even the smallest contributions which amount to much in God's eyes.

Contact Doug or Damon on 03 313 7762 to discuss this project.

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