Live Stream Information

Greetings from our Summer Camp. The internet signal here is proving too unreliable for a stable livestream so we will instead upload messages as soon as possible after each meeting. You’ll find them on our YouTube channel. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Welcome to our live stream information page. You can watch any current events we are streaming here on our YouTube channel. If there is no Live icon showing next to a video at the top of the list, then there is nothing currently being live streamed! Please check the meeting schedule below for the times of live streams. We will try to adhere to these, but do not guarantee to start streaming at the advertised times.

Coming Events to be Live Streamed

Autumn Leaves Summer Camp - January 14-19 2020 - Rotorua Click here for details


Autumn Leaves Bible Convention - January 23-26 2020 - Christchurch Click here for details