Messages by Dennis Priebe

Dennis, along with his son Matthew and daughter-in-law Delise visited New Zealand in early 2015. The following are recordings of the messages that Dennis shared. The teachings in these messages are among the most important you could learn on vital subjects that will affect the way you view salvation and your own Christian walk.

We have made the MP3s of these recordings available at no charge. Download, listen to them and share.

MP3 Downloads

Righteousness by Faith Series
Will the Real Gospel Please Stand Up? - 73 mins
What is Sin? - 69 mins
How Did Christ Live? - 90 mins
What is Possible for Us? - 103 mins

Sermon notes

What is the Final Atonement? - 74 mins


Other Media

Righteousness by Faith - PriebeThese recordings are also available in the following formats. Once you purchase any of the following you are free to copy to share.

Righteousness by Faith packaged DVD set with sermon notes

What is the Final Atonement packaged DVD

MP3s on a Compact Disc or reusable 4GB Flash Drive

Dennis was confronted with the issue of the Nature of Christ in Righteousness by Faith in the early-to-mid 1980's. He didn’t really know how to present himself on what should be one of our solid foundational truths. This drove him to study for himself he has been sharing his his material ever since and helped to ground many people in what Seventh-day Adventism was founded on.

Dennis is a minister, with 40 years experience as a pastor, teacher, and seminar speaker. He has worked with Amazing Facts to help achieve the goal of nurturing newborn Christians into mature Christianity. His ministry is directed primarily toward those who have already made their commitment to Christ, but who want to grow into the fullest possible relationship with Him.


Blind-Watchmaker-Kids.jpgDVDs by Matthew and Delise Priebe

Matthew is an evangelist and naturalist, using God’s amazing creation in his outreach. His wife, Delise presents to children.

    • Can the Blind Watchmaker Account for This?
    • Can the Blind Watchmaker Account for This? - FOR KIDS
    • Little Known Miracles of God’s Creation
    • Little Known Miracles of God’s Creation - FOR KIDS
    • Animals and their God-given Gift for Architecture
    • Animals, Ethics, and Christianity
    • Red in Tooth and Claw