Autumn Leaves Bible Convention

Experience a time in the Word and fellowship at the Autumn Leaves Bible Convention. This event features international speakers and the opportunity to meet fellow Christians with a focus on learning more from the Word of God.


Christchurch Event

24-27 January 2019

Christchurch Park
250 Westminster Street
Mairehau, Christchurch


International Speakers

David Salazar - USA
A new speaker to us here in New Zealand. David serves as lay pastor in a church in Florida, USA and has received great blessings from guiding members, training youth, taking Bible Studies and mentoring. David’s biggest desire is to see more of Christ and be a reflection of His character in himself, and for others to find it too.

Jennifer White Web.pngJeff Wehr - USA
Jeff has been a good friend to us for about 25 years and is also a well known speaker for us in this part of the world. Jeff has a good understanding of our message, has done extensive research on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, and speaks well on living the Christian life in Jesus Christ.

Oscar SandeOscar Sande - Australia
Oscar is well known to us here in New Zealand. He has a passion to share a series that he shared for television in Spain that has brought much reconciling of people to God. But Spanish doesn’t reach the English speaking world. His meetings will be prepared for television in this part of the world.


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This event is hosted by Autumn Leaves, a Christian resource and service organisation, in conjunction with Firstlight Broadcasting Network.