Coming Events


North Island Trip

May 2019

Doug and Angela are planning a traveling itinerary in the North Island during the month of May. This trip will include visitation and meetings.

Sabbath May 4        Woodville – meetings
Tuesday May 7        Napier – meeting
Sabbath May 11       Whitianga - meetings
Sabbath May 18       Waitac, Auckland – meetings

Australian Camp and Meetings

The last Australian trip was worth every bit of effort put in. The camp at Bunya was organised by faithful enthusiastic souls, expecting about 20 odd people. Sabbath evening count was 60 people in total.

Comments have come back that the time was a most spiritual camp, with a beautiful spirit and a source of urgency for Jesus’ return. It was a fantastic weekend with spiritual meat and great fellowship and spiritually uplifting. One commented after Camp Bunya that it carried them into the following week with Godly thoughts and concepts and good music buoying them up. Another noted that with the stresses in the past few years, the joy and focus had dimmed and so appreciated the inspiration to refocus where they needed.

All three events, the camp and the two Sabbaths have all booked again. Glory to God that people have been encouraged, that is what this work is all about.

Doug, Angela and others will be attending and sharing at a number of camps and meetings in Australia during the rest of this year. These come from requests to share messages of encouragement and preparation. The subject material will focus on Righteousness by Faith, Close of Probation, what causes the Battle of Armageddon and the Seven Churches.

These are the appointments currently planned.

    June 1               Taree, New South Wales
    June 6-9            Youth and Family Bible Convention, Wyee, New South Wales
    June 13-17         Camp meeting, Busselton, Western Australia
    August 17          Box Hill Fellowship, Melbourne, Victoria
    October 17-20    Camp meeting, Neville, New South Wales
    October 24-27    Camp meeting, Tahlee, New South Wales
    Oct 31 - Nov 3    Camp Meeting, Tamborine, Queensland

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Past Events

March 2019

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North Summer Camp & South Bible Convention 2019

The Summer Camp and Bible Convention run in January were both well attended and much appreciated. It is interesting that this year’s events were perhaps the most criticized by some who didn’t attend and yet the most appreciated by those that did. The guest speakers complimented each other well.

Perhaps one of the most impacting presentations was a series by Oscar Sande entitled The Atheist God, which answers time-aged questions of how God can be loving while our world, and the Bible itself, is full of stories of death and destruction. This series will not only help those who struggle with the concept of God, but will also lead those who already know Him to have a deeper understanding and respect for the God of Love.

Jeff Wehr, David Salazar and Robert Pannekoek also presented many interesting and uplifting presentations.

Basic recordings are now available on DVD and we will be producing many of these for broadcast, online sharing and DVD distribution.

Canterbury A & P Show 2018
14th-16th November

The Canterbury Agricultural Show has a much greater attendance than the Vegan expo but a much more diverse type of attendee. At both these events we had the opportunity to meet a lot of people and through our healthbites paper we will be able to have ongoing contact with many.

Christchurch Vegan Expo 2018

At the eleventh annual Vegetarian/Vegan Expo in Christchurch , Sunday October 28, we were able to reach thousands of people who have an interest in health and diet.

Australian Meetings - October 2018

Doug and Angela visited Australia in October. They traveled some long distances, calling in on friends, and of course shared meetings in both church and camp settings. At the camp meetings they shared five messages on the Battle of Armageddon, one on the importance of doctrine and one on the greater and lesser light.

The interest at the Neville camp was so keen, that a dear couple from Queensland are set on organising a similar camp to share these messages in North Queensland early next year.

    New Australian  Camp –  Queensland – March 17-19, 2019
    Subject – The Battle of Armageddon   Contact 04 0004 7904

North Island Events - August 2018

Sabbath Aug. 18 - Woodville Congregational SDA Church, 171 Woodlands Road, Woodville

We have had an invitation extended to us through the Christchurch Vegetarian Society to attend a new Vegan Expo starting in Kapiti this year. We have accepted the invite, as it will give us opportunity to meet people presently unknown to us or our message. With healthbites signups, we will be able to have ongoing contact with many more people.

Sunday Aug. 19 - Kapiti Vegan Expo, Southwards Car Museum, Otaihanga Rd, Paraparaumu

Youth & Family Bible Convention 2018
Australian Queen's Birthday Weekend - June 7-11


The Youth & Family Bible Convention is a 4 day convention for committed people who are seeking to demonstrate God's call in their life and to share and learn different methods of sharing Christ.

The convention aims to provide people with a sense of God's call and a deeper understanding of His Word in order to equip them to share Christ in their homes and places of work.

This is an opportunity for each person to open their Bible and gain knowledge, vision, motivation, and fellowship. In an effort to aid the young, their families and acquaintances also must share in the experience!

Venue: Bethshan Camp and Conference Centre, 70 Wyee Road, Wyee, New South Wales 2259

Dates: June 7-11

Speakers: Mike Bauler and Tim Saxton, plus some well studied and dedicated locals.

Mike Bauler -USA
In 2000, Pastor Mike was hired as a Pastor/Bible worker and was officially ordained in 2005. Pr Mike’s goals are to help give the gospel to the world, with an emphasis in helping his Bible students discover the truths in Bible prophecy. Mike is now working full time for Mission Projects International as the Ministry Director. He lives with his wife and five daughters in Mercersburg, PA. 

Tim Saxton- USA
Timothy Saxton joined White Horse Media in 2015, coming with a background in administration and finance. Born and raised in North West Missouri, he has three children. He enjoys international speaking and has a burden for those parts of the world where the needs of sharing the Gospel are greatest. His focus topics are prayer and revival, understanding the character of God and last day events.