Autumn Leaves (NZ) Limited is a charitable resource and service organization based in Canterbury, New Zealand with the purpose of scattering God’s message of truth like the leaves of autumn.

In the Office

Amazing Discoveries Products: In recent years we have been working with Amazing Discoveries, the ministry of Walter Veith, to be able to supply their products here in the South Pacific at reasonable prices. The freight for the sets from Canada made the prices too high for most buyers. We are now able to provide many of the Amazing Discoveries DVDs and will have access to more over time. View the products available in our media flyer or on our website.

Sharing Sets: We have recently been combining outreach products into sets of similar products. We have a huge range of sharing resources and it is hard to make you aware of them all. Now you can get a set of items and see which ones suit your personal sharing or outreach projects best. Keep an eye out for the sets  or contact us.

Media Production: We have recently been completing a few DVD sets which we were requested to film presented by Pr Arthur and Dr Esmie Branner. Esmie is known for her testimony of escape from family persecution in Saudi Arabia. Her husband Arthur is a pastor in the USA. Pr Arthur presented a series entitled Decoding the Book of Daniel. This series will stimulate study into the prophecies and their application to our time. Together they presented another 8-part series entitled Awakening the Conscious Mind which looks at how to prepare our mind and body in a physical, emotional and spiritual sense to serve God better and to prepare for what may be before us. Esmie also presented her testimony for DVD and we also have her book Beyond the Veil of Darkness in stock.

While these have been edited we have also been filming another 25 part evangelistic series to be produced for television and other distribution.


"The truth must be scattered from city to city, from street to street, from family to family... The truth must be carried from province to province, from kingdom to kingdom. The highways and byways must be thoroughly gleaned, and the message must spread from continent to continent until the whole earth is belted with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."

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