Autumn Leaves (NZ) Limited is a charitable resource and service organization based in Canterbury, New Zealand with the purpose of scattering God’s message of truth like the leaves of autumn.

In the Office

Remnant Stock: We have recently received new stock of the Remnant Study Bibles, these Bibles which include Spirit of Prophecy quotations and many other reference materials are a valued resource. We have some new books and restocked other items from Remnant Publications.

Book Production: With a cooking class series starting this month we have also been busy updating and upgrading the What’s Cooking cook book we use for the series. As well as reprinting another 2000 New Start booklets we have also added to the Lifestyle Works Health Series another little booklet on the Thyroid. These pocket books on many health topics are ideal for sharing and have some basic information on a health topic and point people to learn more.

DVD Production: We have had an increase of DVD reproduction recently with requests for discs from individuals for outreach projects. We have also made Randy Skeete’s 4 part series God Has Answers which he presented at the Autumn Leaves Bible Convention earlier this year, into a packaged DVD set. This series has recently been broadcast on Firstlight TV and has generated interest from the public who have wanted it on DVD as well as other presentations by Randy.

Gifted Bibles and Books: We have had the opportunity to make Bibles and outreach books available to ADRA and also for sharing in Tonga and Vanuatu. All of these have been able to go to other projects that were happening at the time. In total we have supplied, over 100 Bibles, 400 Steps to Christ Books, 708 Great Controversy Books, 250 Hope When the World Falls Apart, and 200 Pillars of the Christian Faith books.

Media Production: Those of you who view Firstlight TV may have noticed the new hourly/halfhourly Firstlight screen splashes, this large set of short clips as well as promos and appeals have been part of our media production over the last few months.

ALT Testimonies: We have also begun work on a video series of testimonies. These are called ALT Testimonies - A Life Transformed. Scripture tells us that our testimony is a powerful tool. As you share your story, you are reinforced in the power of God to change a life, and as people hear you share it, they can be encouraged also. To date we have filmed a few of these and are working on the post production. Once these initial productions are complete, we intend to make this an ongoing series which will be available in a variety of forms of media. We encourage you to also share your testimony too!

: We are frequently asked for catalogues. Since different items come and go and prices adjust due to exchange rates etc, our website has the most accurate stock list  available. We will send out flyers of new items as they become available. We also love to hear from you if you would like to call us and have a chat about what we have available for a topic that interests you, a gift, or outreach books.

Website upgrades: We have also been working on upgrading our website with changes and new features which will be available soon.


"The truth must be scattered from city to city, from street to street, from family to family... The truth must be carried from province to province, from kingdom to kingdom. The highways and byways must be thoroughly gleaned, and the message must spread from continent to continent until the whole earth is belted with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."

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